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Shut down across New England today. The Massachusetts-based pizza franchise was founded in nineteen sixty one and up till today had boasted one hundred fifty stores across the region. WBZ news time four nineteen members of the Central American caravan heading to the US border have started arriving in Mexico's capital city. Reporter Alice driver in Mexico City says many in the caravan are not aware that security along the border is being. Stepped up one father who was traveling with his wife and three daughters said look on. I know that Trump doesn't like it with Brown skin. But I'm much more afraid of hunger and violence than I am a requesting asylum at the US order the day's hike is one of the longest yet as the exhausted travelers are trying to make progress any way they can to the US border still hundreds of miles away. WBZ news time for twenty U N officials and volunteers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are providing aid to children in desperate need of help. It's the first help since January to reach thousands in a remote camp for the displaced on Syria's border with Jordan resident said that humanitarian from international organizations entered that desolate camp for the first time since it was three years ago when any fifty thousand have been stranded in limbo UN wilt feed program specs denial custody set the camp in southern Syria has been in dining debate for a long time fifty thousand people living in. Doc band camp have been surviving. Dismal conditions at the camp is in a rocky, very harsh desert location. People don't have access to food medicines. Water the UN Saturday deliveries continue up to food as describing the conditions in the campus. Critical with reported shortages of basic, commodities protection, concerns and increasing violence. I'm cantona's. WBZ news time four twenty one. We're learning more about the victims and the gunman in Friday night's deadly attack on a Tallahassee Florida yoga studio when police say a forty year old man walked into the building with a duffel bag pulled out a gun and opened fire. ABC's Zachary crease reports six people were shot in two women were killed in the attack. Doctrine, Nancy van Velzen was a faculty member. In more Brinkley was a student more had reportedly earned an academic scholarship to FSU and was interested in joining teach for America police are still trying to figure out a motive the shooter forty year old Scott bueller was a military vet who worked for a short time as a high school teacher barely who took his own life was twice charged in the past with battery after allegedly groping women. Barely bragged about his hatred of women and videos, he posted on YouTube and made homophobic and racist comments. Elsewhere online YouTube videos were taken down after BuzzFeed posted a story about them. A string of deadly storms brings death and destruction to parts of southern Italy have killed twelve people on the southern Italian of Sicily nine of them from the same family. Prime minister Giuseppe Picone immediately, flew by helicopter to the devastated area city mourning was proclaimed for today and tomorrow in the Sicilian capital Palermo, Italy has been hit by a series of deadly storms this past week that have claimed more than thirty lines Sabina castle. Franken CBS news. Local local state and federal every race election-night coverage Tuesday night on WBZ NewsRadio and the iheartradio app. WBZ news time, four twenty three traffic.

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