Senator Rick Scott, Senator Tom Tom Cotton, President Biden discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


And some voters we talked to said they haven't made up their minds, but many have and they say this debate solidified some of the opinions they already had. Warnock will appear in another debate Sunday, although walker is not expected to attend. Walker had Florida senator Rick Scott and Arkansas senator Tom Tom cotton campaigning with him over the last week. Meanwhile, President Biden expected to talk about abortion rights, this Tuesday night when he speaks at a Democratic National Committee event set for the Howard theater in Shaw. With three weeks left before the midterms the president and other Democrats are trying to make abortion rights a central focus of the campaign in the wake of the Supreme Court's Dobbs Jackson ruling back in June, which overturned roe versus wade. Police in Northern California say they have arrested the person they believe to be responsible for killing at least 6 men and wounding a woman Stockton police chief, Stanley mcfadden. Harasser was Wesley brownley, 43 for homicide. The San Joaquin county district attorney's office will be reviewing this investigation and will follow the appropriate charges. Bradley, who lives in Stockton, is accused of killing 5 men in the city between July 8th and September 27th. He's also been linked to another homicide in Oakland in April of last year, as well as the wounding of a homeless woman. An investigation continues in oak moldy, Oklahoma, where the bodies of four men were found in a river. Now, four close friends from that area were all reported missing by relatives last Monday night after they left a home on bicycle last Sunday. The bodies recovered by the authorities have not yet been identified, but police say they do suspect foul play there. There's still no reported motive behind Thursday shooting rampage in Raleigh, North Carolina. 5 people were killed, they're including the brother of the 15 year old accused shooter. Now the community down there is searching for answers. When he returned from running errands, Tracy Howard found his wife Nicole Connors fatally shot on their front porch. A throws. I

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