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Was already dead, Laura and her family came looking for him, the waited in anguish until their worst nightmare was confirmed. I never seen him hope and prayer now is for Justice. I want them sound. I want to be killed accountable visual say to people ran away after royale was left at the hospital. Investigators don't have much of a description of shooter. But we're told they are looking at surveillance video at homes and businesses in this area. Most Tammy matassa facility that helps others is in dire. Need of help the bunny like food Bank. Maybe forced to close over financial struggles. Komo's Suzanne Phan reports jam-packed donated food fruits not an issue what they desperately need is the ability to keep their doors. Open Stu Bo in the director says they're feeding about a thousand families a month. The demands up for sure food Bank really needs financial donations to keep things running. Boeing says for some reason people aren't giving as much money the food Bank. Also needs a much bigger space. But they don't have the money to move into another place, the food Bank director and volunteers. Hope the community can step up and help them continue helping others. I hope that people hardwood. To help their neighbor because we're all just one or two paychecks and being that person that needs a health. Komo Suzanne Phan, another high court rules that just because someone else threw it out. Doesn't mean it's ours for the taking come most. Brian Calvert lifts the trash can live for closer look.

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