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Traffic and weather on the eight Steve Dresner in the W. T o p traffic center in Maryland. On the westbound side of route 50 approaching the exit for Kim See Clear Road, the insects a 29 longstanding crash almost cleared from the roadway. They're starting to pick up the cones right now, But right now, this moment through our traffic cameras, it's still two to the left. Get you by and we're backed up over the westbound span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Currently we have three lanes. Going westbound to Wiese Pound over on the capital Beltway in Montgomery County. The weekend road project over Northwest Branch continues traffic slow between New Hampshire Avenue in University Boulevard in which two to the right, dude, get your buying good right on the Beltway over in Prince George's County, no issues to report at 95 or the B W Parkway between the two beltways and no incidents to report in either direction on to 70. In the Frederick area dealing with crash activity. North bound 15 approaching Jefferson Street exit 12 and last report. Traffic stopped on the north bound side due to a multi vehicle accident him over in Virginia Alexandria area South bound 3 95 approaching Duke Street report of a disabled vehicle blocking the left side of the roadway in eastbound 66. Right before you get to the capital Beltway. We've been dealing with a crash. Activities. Still blocking the right side in the Markham area on these pounds 66 approaching exit 18. We do have a report of an accident blocking the right side of the roadway Traffic moving pretty well on 95 in Virginia. No issues on 3 95 over on the north bound side from the Springfield interchange to the 14th Street Bridge..

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