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On Newstalk 8 20. W b a p W v a p dot com Everyone 57, now at W. B. A P Here on the Wednesday morning is very special Wednesday morning news, Scott said. Way is with us this morning and all morning long will be reflecting back on a On a horrible day in Dallas five years ago today, uh, lost five police officers in an ambush. And that's kind of what our focus will be. Yes, we'll get you all the news and everything, but we want to remember and remember it the right way. What happened Five years ago, Senior Corporal Lauren errands of D P. D. Officer Michael Krol of Dallas Police Sergeant Michael Smith of Dallas Police Patrick Zamarripa. Also Dallas police and then dart officer Brent Thompson. Those five names Five years ago today were etched into a sad place in not just Dallas history. Uh, and policing history in American history. Because I mean, uh, I don't know about you. But for me, that was that was a game changer of a day. First of all, because for me my first day working here was that was on a Thursday. Remember? 3rd. July seventh was a Thursday. Five years ago I started at W B A P Monday following when the memorial came up at the police station right next day was the funeral were then President Obama. Came into town. You know, And it was just, uh It's hard to put words on how powerful it was seeing the community come out and just an outpouring of love and support for these families, because, remember this all started about seven o'clock at night. Where police were just keeping an eye on a peaceful protest. Um, uh, Black lives matter. Protests where they were protesting Police brutality? Yes. And Dallas place that when you look at pictures and videos throughout the night, there was nothing weird. No on, you know, uneven relationship between officers and protesters that night. At all. Until about roughly nine o'clock a little before nine o'clock, and then the shots get fired, And then the night was thrown into total chaos went that way until about three in the morning, so I'll begin at seven and ended around 33 o'clock. In the morning. It's just a night of hell. And that in downtown down in Dallas, Yeah, downtown Dallas, but in Dallas It was worth. It's something that, uh, you know, I have to really have to want to remember forever. Right. It's a well again. You will, because especially here because if you remember the the news reports and we'll we'll talk to our one of our former reporters, Jay Howell in the seven o'clock hour because he was covering the protest. When this all happened and then how his night change, too, because he went from covering a protest to one of the most horrific nights in Dallas history. You know, up there with John F. Kennedy. So it's It's just amazing how much things change. And when you look at this forward how much the relationship between community and police has changed. Or has it, you know, like it's it's. It's a fascinating question, because that's a great question. You know it has changed, but has it changed for good for horse as it What exactly has it changed too? What I what I took away from it other than just being overwhelmed with how much was going on in that period. Was when, right after the ambush happened. Like I said, the outpouring of love and support from the community was was just insane. It was overwhelming. And not to say it's gone away completely. But it's almost like we forget about that support. When you start talking about the politics in the defunding the police and the you know that those movements We forget about these moments, right? Right, well coming up later on this hour. Mike Mata, who is the president of the Dallas Police Association, will join us at 5 47 this morning at 607. Valerie Zamarripa, the mother of the fallen police officer, Patrick Zamarripa will join us. And it'll be it'll be, uh, a great talk with Valerie. You see how she's doing now. Five years later. All right, 6 12 at 5 12. I'm sorry. Nobody panic. 5 12 W B a P traffic time. And here is much about a couple of issues Right now. The newest one on I 35 e south End of the hallway overhead Looks like the right lane taken away for rec. They're not the roadwork Looks like cleaning up 5 35 EC found from Riga wrote a medical district barrels may be off to the shoulder. It is actually started moving little bit better through that stretch. In Fort Worth 9 35 w Southbound 1 70 Alliance. Gateway Stalled vehicle takes away the right lane W B A P first traffic on the ones I'm Monica Eton. Brought to you by Dallas, Texas injury attorney dot com. Car accident Big truck wreck If you're injured, get the money you deserve no win no fee, calling 4476700008447670000 Goldsmith, Vittoriano and genital offer. At the Weather center. Hurricane Elsa has been wavering back and forth between hurricane and tropical storm strength. But right now it's back in tropical storm category 65 to.

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