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Phi, it is sunny and windy today with highs from the upper sixties to the lower nineties, This report is brought to you by all state from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's a wreck on the 14 since in Santa Clarita on the 14th South found just before so that I can report of a two car wreck came in as multi car collision in the carpool. They've been able to move these two cars over to the right shoulder, though you will find that traffic does stack up just behind the scenes. If I and this guy is sponsored by entry attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff has an update on Topanga Canyon. Yeah, you're just John here is working to about six o'clock this morning, but small brushfire County fire is still not being appears earlier. Rusher That was off Topanga Canyon, but a little bit north of PCH. From what we understand South bound traffic is getting through with traffic control. But North bound from PCH up to this location against about two miles north peace that is still shut down. Now back to the freeways, guys trying to get into East l A westbound 60 Garfield. Terrible crash has things absolutely stop now through Rosemead Boulevard Nippy are driving west. The westbound 10. Now from the 605 to the 7 10, the westbound drivers wide open. Entered in an activist superwoman super lawyer dot com k F Eye in the sky traffic is sponsored by craft Be three portable protein packs K. If I and this guy helps get you there faster I'm robbing banks Try craft P three portable protein packs a snack with up to 13 G of protein from three delicious ingredients. Meat, cheese and nuts. Because three is better than one p three is packaged, inconvenient on the go container. So if you have a hectic commute or need a boost of energy P three is there to help you take on the day balance of nature. Changing the world. One life at a time. I just had a baby and I'm tired, but I could tell you this without balance of nature. There's no way I would have the energy they have right now. I've done so many.

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