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In your neighborhood and your your city. You know you didn't even know about exactly you know what i saw a pizza fight breakout on a facebook page from a town that i'm in the facebook group from a town nearby. That has a lot of good pizza places. So they said yeah. Well i think this pizza place is the best. It's in this other town. And so i i'd never heard of it so last night i said to my i wanna try some new pizza. Yeah let's try some new new new new talent food so we ordered from this place in our area. And i'm a guy use slice app. Use the app. Yeah ordered the food customized. My pizza had the pizza was called. Because i want to see it's not it. Was these sorrento pizza. No these sore and tina pizza. Which i wanted to know basil. And then i added ricotta the cheese on top. Laura for those of you if you prefer or glam for the for the spicy shrimp appetizer pizza. By the way have you want and ensure long hot peppers long came long would would sausage marinara sauce. And so shout out to fia mellow wood-fired pizza and italian restaurant new jersey excellent food and because of the app they called me and said mr brody. Your order's ready. They call nuno's ready which i love so you chose to go pick it up although you can have it delivered. Yeah and in the special instructions i said. Bring out to my four door black dodge charger so when i pulled up there and he knew what kind of car i was in and it came right out so thank you slice and by the way. I'm one pizza point away from earning my eight pizza points. Every time you make an order of over fifteen dollars you point now now. What does the pizza look like. They have around with eight slices. So guess what eight pizza points. You get a free pie but but best of all when you download slice the app or you go to slice life dot com your order. Get you five dollars off..

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