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Know that do you have to have someone like a Brianna Stewart or an Asia Wilson to go all the way? I mean, we could argue Chicago doesn't necessarily have that. Everyone will kill me for Candace Parker. Yes, Candace Parker is that Jack of all trades leader on the leader on the core floor general. She can do a little bit of everything, but I'm just talking about like that MVP superstar caliber player. There's two in the league right now. It's Asia Wilson is Briana Stewart. You know, obviously Chicago has Candice Parker that the intangible she brings to that team combined with Courtney van der sloot and the rest of their talented roster is not to be, you know, and I'm not taking anything away from that. I just feel like when it comes to Connecticut, there's not that clear person to run the ball through, you know? And I know you're saying that it should be John Paul Jones. I just don't know if that's the case. At least this season. I mean, we've talked about from time and time again. Who are you going to throw the ball to late in the game? 5 minutes left. This franchise has showed time and time again. They're not necessarily going to do that with John Paul Jones. So I think it's more of a, just by committee, you know? And I think a lot of times you got to want to bonner, she's going four for 14. Alyssa Thomas, three for 12. John Paul Jones three for ten. I mean, brena Jones, I mean, I think if you can establish an inside presence one way or another from John Paul Jones, Alyssa Thomas to Brianna Jones, you have to have two or three hitting on all cylinders to be able to be successful in my opinion. Yeah, I mean, the only thing that I'll push back against that is, while I agree, I'll say that I feel like the issue with this Connecticut team by playing by committee is the issue I've had with them throughout this whole season, is their inability to find the hot hand. They're so focused on that committee aspect that when John Cole starts heating up, it's not a concentrated effort to feed her over and over and over. It's we're still going through the rotation of the offense and somebody else is going to take a shot and look, I've never played elite basketball like you, Rachel, but in my mind, if Rachel is hitting four shots in a row and she's feeling it and then doesn't touch the ball for the next 5 minutes to kind of kills that burn. For 100%. And I think we all can agree, you know, and I'm not saying this is what I would do or what I would think they should do. This is just what I see. This is just kind of the genetic makeup of what this team is this year, it's by committee. I would be curious, you know, coming out tonight, you know, this is a do or die game for Connecticut. Where is the concerted effort going to be? Is it going to be we've got to get John Paul Jones more touches? And does she need to be more established late in the game? I'm not sure because again, at the same point, their game plan was highly effective. It won them game one. It arguably should have won them game three, had they just made a couple easy shots. So do you go away from that? Or do you decide that your shots selection has to be honed in a different way? I think a lot to be unpacked and determined here with Connecticut specifically. We could question whether it works or whatever that might mean, but obviously do or die game tonight to be able to take this to game 5 back in Chicago. I'm excited for. We'll do pick them at the end. Aces storm game three wouldn't epic epic matchup, the Twitter world has been ablaze somehow I pissed off a bunch of people. Honestly, I still don't understand how why or what? We don't need to get into that. What we need to talk about is we are watching the two best basketball players in the world face off leading their teams in a battle to completely different recipes. We're talking about a stacked deep team of vets who know what they're supposed to do and what they can do on Seattle. Ran a steward has been lighting it up, even in a game last game where she struggled offensively to score, she still ended up with a nice amount of points, filled up the statute and a variety of other ways. And it's truly come down to The X Factor we've talked about this all season. Like, I don't care about Tina Charles. Sorry. Yeah, she misses the free throws and costs in the game. That's a different topic. What I'm talking about is Sue bird is going to do super things. She's going to facilitate and run the offense. And heck, this might be her last game of her career. And what we've seen throughout this playoffs with her is she's ready for the moment. She's going to hit big shots, even though she's struggled to score at points this season. But it really comes down to jewel Lloyd. It is dual Lloyd going to be that number two or heck number one offensive threat for Seattle. If they don't have her, who else can step up to fill the role because right now it's been, you know, Brianna Stewart offensively versus the rest of the Las Vegas aces. And then Las Vegas side, the completely different makeup, where there is no depth. It's Asia Wilson, but she has her Batman and I mean, I don't even know if that's the right term because I mean, this is a stack team, right? Like, we literally have Chelsea gray, arguably the best point guard in the league right now. We have and who's shooting an insane percentage right now. She's shooting, she's on par and last game might have screwed this up, but she's on par to set the WNBA playoff record for field goal percentage. Dupree had it at like 65 or 64.5, something like

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