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Sensually vein e drum and fife. At a season is finally upon us. Let's talk some patriot league in. Do I know what centrally vani mean? Does anybody do not? But here's your quick patriot league preview. The media feels coal gates is going to finish top. The patriot league tha that I say. Eleven first place votes. Kogas can be really good this year actually. But I still say may because I am citing tie. I'm gonna Fordham here. Okay. Fordham being overlooked. Once again, New York's lunchroom team Lee between the two of them in the media poll, right, but it's it's gonna be a woefully or for Georgetown Lafayette, rebuilding your. Everybody's been talking about it. The message boards are buzz rebuilding year for the yetis Bucknell your joke. We know your joke, Taisei your campus, and he said, no, yeah. So there's a lot to like about this patriot league season. We were talking earlier on g. chat, tie, dombre alone. You think he's one of the ultimate underrated running back, holy FCS level. Totally. Yeah. Mr Lee high, the Colgate upfront, defensive line, Nick Wheeler. You don't want you don't want Nick Wheeler in a dark alley tie. That's what everybody's been saying. All right. At Colgate, secondary tie here are the games for this, like with new ski Tyler costano. Well, thirty Saint Francis at Lee high. I am bound by. Marriage to go with the Lehigh mountain hawks in this game. We're the playing this one, this one's at Goodman stadium. So I'm seeing this is at soccer city, and Joe Burke is actually the asterisk. I'm seeing soccer city hosting high week one. Okay. I'm gonna who's Lehigh playing again. I was at the biggest soccer stadiums. Saint Francis. Sure. Okay. I'm going Lehigh here. One PM Georgetown away from multi sport field going to Mariss who you got. I feel like merit is in the poughkeepsie area. Yeah, upstate New York. Yeah. He said, Georgetown, let's go, gee town here. I think a mess around with Marissa little. Absolutely. I'm gonna go get here Marras one pm. Holy Cross, cross sater's on the road at Colgate. This is this is in the Tauron arena in Krakow Poland. I gotta say, I'm learning so much on this competed page for largest indoor arenas by capacity. Gimme learning a Colgate. Yeah, I'm going Gators big here. All right. This one's on ESPN plus six PM on Saturday. Fordham at Charlotte. Charlotte's.

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