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It just never gave him that kind of push it almost feels like, hey, he went over there and resurrected himself the way he thought he should. And here he is. So it has a different feel from a typical use former UFC fighter feels like a guy who's finally getting his fair share like Dan Henderson, golden, strikeforce resurrect himself beating or and then coming back to you have see for big money and big opportunity. If beater has a vision of one day coming back to you c as heavyweight for big money and main event role. Then I think the champion signif- significance for him financially more than anything else. Interesting. It's like if you can't get the push thing you need, and you have seen you go to another organization. It's like when they finally succeed. They're it's like that's how they saw themselves. All the time. It's interesting to consider also on that card. Erin, PICO is back in PICO. Maybe when the nicest guys in sport, I love talking to them because he has this sort of quiet brooding energy that you know, as tempest and the teapot. But when he unleashes it, it's it's a nightmare to watch for his opponents. However, the other hand I haven't quite seen him turn that corner. Do we feel that there's been lasting negative effects from having that faltered debut? In other words, I I recognize that to be a star in sport. It just takes time took Anderson Silva so long before he became a star. So I'm going to I'm not suggesting he'll never far from it. What I am saying is still kind of living in that shadow of that botched. Debut. I don't think so at all I think I think the biggest talk was looking his last fight, you know, dismantling. The undergo right? Former title challenger had over twenty plus fights in his record. I think it was eighteen and four or something like that three at the time. I think I think people, and he's he said it. He's like I'm out there to be the youngest champion ever. Do I think he can achieve that just the way he's progressing from fight to fight is just ridiculous. He's got a good camp. The dude is somewhat TJ dillashaw reminds me in the sense of he's just constantly like in competition mode, which that's something great to have if you wanna be a professional fighter. I don't think. I don't think his debuts the not even a thing anymore because the fighter that he was then is not the fighter that he is. Now, he's improving so much honesty fights in his professional may career amateur experience. He could easily be competing for the title. I feel like he even if he lost. He would look on a part. You look like he belongs in there. So I don't think that's that's clouding this at all right on a few wins. My belief is that he will be fighting for tunnel. Yes. Fight after they will. Yeah. And you have to realize how much has invested going back to his high school days. I think he's fully recovered from the loss, mentally, which is the most important. His interviews. Very strong. You can tell the wisdom there because that would have trained a lot of guys I'm still a little worried physically though, because when you see them sure, he's gotta run of knocking out jobber level Taylor. But he did we undergo is a very, greedy three Higo. Obviously he gets hit. So I have those flashes of too. I wanna see a little more seasoning. So we don't ruin this. Because by the way, I really wanted to succeed. I'd love to see the idea of a fee NAMI homegrown Delatour fee nom rise up the rankings and find out how good he can be. I love everything about Aaron PICO. I just wanna make sure you don't push them. Too fast before technique strategy. Everything comes together, and he's fully ready. I think he's the closest thing that Bill tours ever had to like a guy with a true effector the thing that they're bringing up where it's like he's ability product that has that sense to him that he is going to do something in the mix shores worlds. It could be transcendent and weird ways. He has feeling always even after that loss. And I remember Biltmore. Fficials backstage. Remember, Michael Chandler loss on that card to and I remember asking them like I said, what's worse? The Michael Chandler loss..

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