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The trip. The white center. Donald. Champion. Jerry baiter in for Jeff Wagner. I've got it. So this is gonna sound dumb. I know what you just heard. There was one of the highlights for me. And I listened to the game. Not only do I not have MLB as I inadvertently law almost all the sports stuff on direct TV up at my house. So I have I've I've listened I've listened to the tiebreaking game with the cubs listened to three games with the Rockies. Listen to Bob euchre. I've gotta tell you hearing Euch at the end of the games getting all fired up. Well, they won. They won the tiebreaker. But the cubs and then the sweep yesterday the great games. Don't get me wrong all of that. But just hearing Bob euchre who the voice for so many many many many years hasn't been in this verified air as a play by play guy with the Milwaukee Brewers at assist. That's really what man I'm waiting for that last out just to hear that. It's awesome. And we'll be talking more about the Burs coming up in just a little bit. All right. The accident mortgage talk and text line. Four one four seven nine nine one six twenty four one four seven nine nine one six twenty. I'll throw that out. And again, if you have seen any of the I two thirds of the new TV show called God friend did me. I would ask you doing the courtesy of just giving a call. No, one to say exactly what I am looking for from you. But apparently, at least in the first week, some eleven million people watch them, assuming that includes some in Wisconsin. So if you are among those would like to hear from you gain, the academic mortgage, talk and text line for one four seven nine nine one six twenty if you are not aware, wait and see if anybody besides my wife, and I will -sconsin thus far have watched that show. We are always appreciative. When there's something on television for people of faith. But there have been some clunkers of late now there have been some extremely popular shows it over the years that deal with someone who is a servant of God. There's touched by an angel highway to heaven Joan of Arcadia, and those all had varying degrees of success as time goes on though, and more and more people. Determine or I should say lists their faith as none more and more people in America today are saying they have no religious affiliation. Or they just flat out don't believe in. God. It's going to be interesting to me to see who this show appeals to. And here's the other thing. If you read the reviews of this show, there's there seems to be. Three. Categories if you will. People of faith who think it's okay. People of faith who they gets. Heretical blasphemous, you shouldn't watch it. If you're a true, believer and nonbelievers who think it's kind of sappy. But. It's okay. I can tolerate it. If this ends up being a show that people watch and it's a rating success. Even if I'm a non believer that the critics are writing I'll be okay with it. I wanna see where you fall on that, particularly if you are a person of faith because I will tell you there are some harsh criticism out there from people of faith who think it has to follow. Exactly what the bible teaches or you shouldn't watch it. Let's go to Paul in Nash Goral, Paul. Hi, you're on WTMJ. I really liked the hill. I am a person of faith. I'm a Lutheran and. Whether it is exactly as the bible states or not anything that brings God into this society. These days, I think is fat. I absolutely agree with you one hundred percent, Paul. I wanted to wait until we had the first pitches at were before before I told you what I felt I absolutely agree with that. It doesn't look for the most part it comports. The character is an atheist who I'm not giving too much away. Here is friend did on Facebook by God and cures, Paul war. I think it's good. And this is where I think it appeals to believer a non believer alike. It's so clearly actually God talking to him yet. He remains at least after two episodes in denial, and you know, there's some hells and dams and a little bit of alcohol drinking in there and for the purest that makes it unwatchable. I think for people of faith. It's just fine. I agree with you on the percent. I enjoyed a movie that was based on the. Kind of the same thing called God's not dead, and my wife, and I have watched a couple episodes of that movie. And this follows kind of that, and we just love that type of movie. Thanks a lot for the call Paul. Appreciate it. On the accurate mortgage, talk and text line four one four seven nine nine one six twenty. Here's. Here's where I think. This show. And this is the next place. I'm going to take this conversation. Here's what I think this show is going to be successful. And here's why and this is going sound kind of weird. Because of what we saw in the last week in America. I think people particularly certain demographic. And maybe it's an older demographic. And that would include me, by the way, maybe it's a younger demographic. But honestly, it's a feel good show. And I will tell you that in the last few years there are shows I have simply abandoned most dramatic shows in America today have something in common don't know if you've ever picked up on this. But all of the quote, unquote, heroes, really aren't very good people. It's really just the reality. So if you have any thoughts on this. We can take a couple more calls, and I'll tell you what I mean by that. In just a minute four one four seven nine nine one six twenty. Why I think this show is going to work full Twenty-three, NewsRadio WTMJ are featured sponsor this week on our fall in love with your home for or. Hey,.

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