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The came because of my dreams i could fly this would you could reverse or the europe line no but if i could it be sweet though a martin luther king to skip the president's inauguration last year i don't think that wrong was the right word but i think that martin luther king has a right to not go let me ask you like this is there any excuse he can have for not going to the inauguration i say yes because everybody has a right to to not go to something that they don't feel like they want to go do have plans that day he could have had something else to go to maybe had a family event may be only a funeral yeah maybe a funeral so um i think he has the right to go to where he wants to go on and i'm sure if you wanted to maybe you just watch it on tv tell president trump among the king what they have to do um i do you guys got to sell your differences and may become friends i would not be nice i i what i do hope is that after they take these things they actually educate the people a little bit uh because the day after a national holiday this is it is is it is it possible that many of our fellow citizens really don't understand the dr king died uh fifty years ago i'm fifty years ago and that's why you have the day off eight eight wouldn't it be peculiar if we did have a a holiday that was named after a living person uh maybe president trump will be the first uh we will see about that i look at this is important because i begin this hour by talking about the tendency in terms of democrats to put personality above everything and and maybe that's because there there are lots and lots of people if you start talking about legislation or what are you change a life this gallup poll we mentioned where among democrats when they are asked what you think is the most important problem facing the country today dissatisfaction with government is number one thirty percent of democrats save just that and then you ask people okay one aspect of government are you so dissatisfied with what what would people say they don't fix the potholes that's.

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