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But I did in palm desert starts to stop this hour Hey but Hey buddy how you doing I'm good Bob this is taken again I'm very respectful Kobe Bryant great player and I think this is a general situation of people die is they kind of line item a little bit it's like what a big deal I think it's shocking nature because he's so young and it also plays into it but let's not forget there were other things in his past that people yeah I have probably heard on the news that if I brought it up so yeah credible rape allegation back thousand three in eagle Colorado aids obviously part of his story it's you know it doesn't it doesn't fit into the the story arc that date you'd like when it when someone does that to be honest with you I don't I don't really know what to do with that because it crosses your mind remember when he won the Oscar is almost awkward because you have all these you know a lot of meat to speeches that year and then Kobe when's the warden he gets a standing ovation there in Los Angeles and I I think if that had occurred at a different time in today's climate I I don't know how Kobe Bryant who recovers his if not his career then his marketability and his A. his popularity within the sport yeah very good point I mean he ended up where he could have been another RB one thing about having a different time exactly well you know I I think there are there differences between those two clearly and and thanks for the the call but at the you know II had one situation with Kobe Bryant they're in Colorado yeah I again it it's really it's hard because you don't know exactly what transpired there's five minutes in the hotel but you did the apology from Kobe Bryant after they settled outside of court I do think in today's climate it would be covered differently it might be viewed differently and other thoughts then I I I I just have on it is in the years since right we're going all the way back to two thousand three and you know let's say you know it if it if it was guilty of Kobe Bryant spent time in jail his career ended if if that was the case in and and you know the worst case transpired in that hotel room with the world would be better than it is today would be worse and I understated basketball player but he had a positive impact in the years since I I think that yes we've talked about tonight he became a role model through his work ethic intelligence I'm not only for athletes but for those who had a passion for something and wanted to pursue it he gave a road map of what it is to pursue something completely and tell our people to follow their dreams Phil also I think a role model in the way that he became such a dad for his daughters and seeing again him in in Gigi front road games and not only teaching basketball but surely more than that a connecting in that way and how important is to spend time even them the manner in which she dies doing very dad thing and taking her to games she could follow her passion it's obviously it's part of the story what happened in in eagle Colorado and you can't just bypass it and and move through it it's really it's hard to reckon with that within the the overall story of Kobe Bryant and what we're dealing with these those last couple of days Adam is next in Philadelphia what's up Adam thanks for taking my call the bridge is gone and Adam what's on your mind wives echo we but I'll be quick I know you probably have a bunch of calls behind but I'll say this you know I think about that guy he brought out the best in some of the most last a fair players when I think of Lamar Odom when I think of how this all yeah before they ever got to play with him and the one person that I think of the malls metta world peace slash Iran are dead you know a lot of people give Jordan so much credit for you know getting the ball occur against you talk for that seventeen footer but I mean Kobe in that game Boston wish warming and it was such a big possession at seventy six seventy five I think this war was beginning I don't remember they were up one and the I don't remember exactly how much time was on o'clock blues low man and Kobe yes the ball to run our cat for a twenty foot three run R. tennis he knocks down the game winning shot as we get the shot that I use is the game I mean you know if you can do that and then I in my opinion is he'll be remembered for like you say the achievement the the overage the like as an over achiever as for the work ethic and all the other stuff will fall out and as one of the great that died young and you know in our in our world is laughing also in our world those are the people that are remember the malls he pushed people there's there's no doubt about it and Preciado Adam and I think he had to learn the proper way to do it over the course of his coworkers EP brought people wrong way at times when he was a young player but he matured he developed in that way and then you know I I think he learned how to maybe you're still rubbing people the wrong way but doing it in a manner that is more productive yeah Michael Jordan to Michael Jordan Houston a break guys down in practice to be crying after some of those practices with him he could be so brutal with what he would say insults one whatever it took if you want to win in practice is well and I think both those guys want to drive their teammates the care about winning in the same way that they did which was possible but sure and that's that's part of it for Kobe as well eight eight five five two one two four two two seven or toll free number Leslie in Fort Lee is next day Leslie yeah hi Pete good to talk to you you know these last two days have been just in the dog days we were in a dark place has been dark depressing whatever you negative symbolism you can come up we would call these dead I mean him back to a lot of people when players fans coaches them is that but just over thirty to film a scene for just so bring it to the hook in the horse in your tongue gloss on the ground PDN doesn't just turning hard will happen I mean Kobe and his daughters Jana and an old people they were going for bass will game and next thing you know life changes with them for the worst and it was old and it's hard to accept this but you would hope you've been going to this new life I mean he's been voting is new life being a dad being advocate for women sports critically basketball mentoring young players are playing today's game like OJ Marmont you know it's hard to accept this was a dark day not only just Los Angeles not only in the NBA the P. is the impact there's no doubt about it across the world and I he was impactful and and and and Leslie thank you for the call in you see the influence he had on again so many different people players one Hollywood business moguls right I mean all across everybody paying their respects for Kobe Bryant the different walks of life undoubtedly but I think for anybody it just cuts close to home and to think about what his wife Vanessa could possibly be going through right now and Kobe's three other daughters as well and how how quickly things can happen I don't know when the news broke yesterday my wife texted me and she's got a big sports fan but obviously she knows all about Kobe Bryant thank you so I can't wait for you to get home and we can you know hug in the and when I did walk in the door it was it was late at night and when I shut the door the baby woke up by becoming a dad over the course of the last year and usually that Abbas I guy or gal I got a rock the babies sleep with the whole thing but last night it was like well I'm happy this app and I have a I get to really take in this moment and I think this is just one of those things that we all could take stock of what we're putting our time into and whether it's worth while whether it's the best use are we neglecting loved ones are around is even if unintentionally I think it's just one of those situations with it so that that at celebrity or a sports figure politician whatever it might be were you you sense the fragility of life and I think for a lot of people that is hit over the last thirty plus hours here since this news about Kobe Bryant because you know it's an athlete especially in a young athlete forty one years old in this physical issues there right I mean physically is a guy who was among the feel most dominant athletes in sports in the world for a long period of time is supposed to live for for decades and decades and decades and yet it can be taken away so very quickly even for someone like that.

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