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Communists who by the way when they won that war the media won't tell you this unleashed a genocide and a holocaust across vietnam and southeast asia killing millions and millions of vietnamese cambodians and laotians that they won't tell you that they don't want to tell you the aftermath of our withdrawal from vietnam that they don't want to tell you but let that go let that go muhammad ali doesn't deserve a pardon now second point look i admire president trump a lot you know that i agree with his america first agenda i'm with them on his agenda all the way and i like the fact that he's willing to pardon people like nash souza for example and others who have been genuine victims of injustice but i do have a problem i'll look he's got the power i'm not saying he doesn't have the constitutional power he has the constitutional legal power i'm making a moral point not a constitutional or legal point i'm very uncomfortable with a president of the united states acting like the pardon power is like a magic wand i'm just going to be honest with you i don't to me it should be used sparingly and only for cases of real documented injustice okay a real wrong was done to somebody preferably somebody who's living but if you want to do a post humor's.

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