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Newsradio kale BJ unlike his previous debate appearance of former vice president Joe Biden appear to be unprepared for attacks by his opponents the vice president was able to shrug off a number of attacks by many of the other candidates including Kirsten Gillibrand who was accused him of misogyny we know America's women are working for the ten moms have to work they are the primary or sole wagers they actually have to put full of food on the table eight out of ten moms are working today most women have to work to provide for the kids many women want to be working to provide for their community people left today or what did you mean when you said at the very beginning my deceased wife work we had children my present wife is worked all the way through raising our children the fact of the matter is the situation is one that I don't know what's happened I wrote the violence against women act Lilly Ledbetter I was deeply involved in making sure there vehicle payments I was deeply involved in all the same I came up with the it's on us proposal to see two of the women were treated more decently on college campuses you came to Syracuse University with me and said it was wonderful I'm passionate about the concern making sure women are treated equally I don't know what's happened except that you're not running for president so I understand there you go last night now the next democratic debate I'll take place in September however that field could be significantly leaner as money and polling requirements are expected to limit participation the tide in done shelf the market wants to talk to you this more Martha good morning you're on the don prior program how great three four is that I raised and and get going you sound like a bunch of little boys who have just learned the word **** grass when you're the one that said those words not us I didn't but you make my day because you're so damn funny I've been hearing more and I I get a big kick out of it you are for the so I guess you're here in town I'm just curious what kind of phone are you calling us on right now mark the land line is it a dial is a push button push button I have a cell for my family says I have to hear it when I walk the dog case I fall down I said here my name is on the dog's collar and write your final right there on the color what's your dog's name Anne when you in any go for a walk how far do you go about burner for her to do her duty to god your country I understand that when she says duty she means duty and you you pick it up don't you yeah but this morning I forgot to I'm not going to work out at St tomorrow no no no no no I want to give that they might be waiting for what kind of dog is any he's a retired she and she twirled me he's actually eighty four and I'm eighty nine so maybe we got a couple good years left peas in a pod I tell you our man that's that's wonderful here comes Martin any again yeah yeah yeah there's all Martha she leaves the poop in the lawn she does it every time she does every time alright I really try I appreciate your mother we love you thank you very much thank you Martha appreciate your call Martha start picking up the pool Todd and done should we day mornings five days ten AM on news radio K. O. B. J. bold statement saving money with geico is almost better than watching football think about it when you're watching the game yelling at the quarterback to throw the ball Williams is wide open what are you doing this to me use.

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