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A mix of it could be a lot could be a little we're going to go live now to dave bowers and find out the latest i know you've been looking at some new bottles and of course dave has the fourday wbz accuweather hi there area we have the scorpio storm it's going to be coming out of the midwest actually of tracked probably right up to the i ninety five corridor saw a lot of the precipitation is actually going to be in the form of rain but it it is at least initially cold enough that it will start as some snow and this will be a early wednesday afternoon it will get under way but for the city nearby suburbs and certainly point south the meal that's going to happen while the temperature above freezing it's not likely we pick them up much snow accumulation before changes over to rain and a majority of what we're gonna see eilat storm we'll be rain by the getting back into western massachusetts in up into interior vermond and new hampshire the other could be a pretty impressive snowstorm as well as back into a northern pennsylvania and new york state now in the meantime what we have here is a clear sky this evening of cloud up late tonight one at daybreak only to see the clouds break for some sun again tomorrow about thirty eight clear tomorrow night net wednesday clouding up we'll see that us know come in wednesday afternoon but change changeover to mostly rain i thirty five to forty i'm accuweather meteorologist dave bowers wbz newsradio 1030 all right dave right now eight sunny in thirty eight degrees are looking at a gathered is down eight hundred en seventy eight points keep in mind that is a three percent roughly a three percent loss right now the circuit breaker typically comes in when they're seven percent losses on the total value of the dow we're going to check in with bloomberg threec jonke in a moment at.

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