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We'll get to that okay all right there's something else do we should get to you had a couple of heart attacks coming up on four years ago yes never heard anything like this david a guy is having heart surgery while he's okay that's why we okay died we couldn't do it Yeah. The other story healthwise out there today since the eyebrows of the surgeon. sounded like a nice her it smelled like a nice seared steak patient was medium rare air burning you can drink up the twenty five cups of coffee a day safely who believes that no way i believe that but that's the story that's what they say okay now do we know who conducted the study this was out of queen mary university in london they they now specifically they said it is safe for your heart okay have twenty-five cups of coffee a day the kidneys but everything else is fine right basically they found that you could drink up to twenty five cups day without having any extra risk of hardening your arteries more having a stroke or a heart attack and just because you can doesn't mean you should do it because there could be other health problems associated with having that much caffeine today obviously right now have you guys either one ever had situation where you were just trying to stay on maybe it's a long day you got to work longer than you thought for the adrenaline sake and you keep pumping the caffeine to the point where you start getting almost like a spasm with your eye Yes. Just keeps switching it's uncontrollable. I've had the twitch. Yes from caffeine. I didn't think of it at the time that you're probably right. That's what I was told it was from, which is too much. And then that freak out a little bit. Yeah. when you just can't stop it i've had that before especially when i was doing early morning radio i i would drink probably three or four pots of coffee every day and over the course of like six hour shift and i had to cut back on that because that was i i don't know if i was twitchy i think i just never stopped moving i was i was just vibrating do yeah yeah i feel that way too i feel like i'm gonna hyperventilate to all the time yeah you feel it all the way through your arms it's crazy do you ever do like with say you're making a pot of coffee and it's at a workplace where they get the bags they buy it in bulk and you would always use two or three jam in there so it'd be extra strong an old partner from years ago and then he would have he would bring in a gallon of chocolate milk and just look at bain can't face He's waiting. I think you've ever had that together, superstrong coffee. Then you it was just chocolate milk. He would put in it. Like it's actually pretty good man. I call it. My ghetto cappuccino seriously. it wasn't that bad it's better than what you think it would be i suppose it was i think what what what caused my reaction initially was i thought you were going to say he used the entire gallon ono okay so if Milk. Yeah. That makes sense. I bet that is good. You get sugar on top of caffeine. If you never wanna sleep again. Do you ever put sugar in coffee? Never david. Every once in a while. I usually like it just black. Yeah. A little bit. I think is okay. okay there's other stuff we've got gotta get to oh my gosh i know we gotta get to the approval ratings chicago had an incredibly violent weekend yeah good weekend chicago weather's warmer but the the gun laws there you can't have guns while no that's what surprises me about this crazy Another mayor proposes of fight club to help stop gun violence and Robbins had a trip to Petco for the ages. Yeah. Was a good one to feed those little lizards. You bought. Yes. Oh, it's all.

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