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I don't know what I'm talking about, But I really think this was manmade woman made. I really did. I think it got out. I don't know that they they let it out on purpose. But once it was out, they spirited upon us and they sent it to America. And you know it. Then they say, some people say always. They came from Europe, please. If someone ever did the research Because you know what they did. They send 100 Chinese workers and they send them to the Milano region on they took over all the designer all the high end designer businesses in Milan, the Chinese did. And with that 100 people came the covert 19 virus, the Wuhan virus. That's how that it started there. And then it spread to so you can't say came from your it went from Wuhan and then President Trump locks it down from from Wuhan. Two of these flights from Wan to America. And then people that from China went to AA Europe came in that way. Then the president finally had a shutdown your butt, but I thought me mad is that I can't hang hug my mom because of this virus. And I don't blame anybody. And we should be joining together on this. This wasn't us and no one knew. And then you look at the time I look at the timeline of what happened with the governor's look at this time of year. We didn't We didn't know what the heck was going on in March. We didn't know and now on top of it But I tell you, what makes me upset is it's still around and now I can't even look my mom and I don't blame anybody except the Communist Party for doing this. This is a manifesto takedown. And that's what you get when you vote for Joe Biden. I'm telling you right now I'm more than ever. I'm just so adamant again. You don't like Donald Trump. Sorry you're going. It's nearly that's the only choice you really have. And I say that respectfully am I right? You go with With Joe Biden. We'll be out in a couple weeks, three weeks, four weeks a month or so. It may be happened before that. I'm telling you, something's up. Something's up and the commas in there with Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff. And Gavin Newsom and Dianne Feinstein. I'm just saying, that's going to run the country. China's right there. I'm telling you right there and trust me before you know it. Well, theywill dictate to us on the radio. Well, you have to put on the The People's Republic of China the hour that's what you have. I'm telling. That's what happened. You think I'm kidding, No. So you guys and by the way, and then I'm watching this and watching the president's schedule. How this guy is 74 years old. I wish I had half the energy after The after the war on virus. He gets a look at this Look at is that he was looking for my photography that door out making Georgia I watched the making Georgia event, My George Rock. He was funny. He wouldn't stop. He kept going. He was getting genuine laughs. The crabs tens of thousands of people. Then he goes to Vegas. And now and now he's.

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