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It's a little bit of both. I actually probably don't travel as much as I would like to part of that is because. I had a unique situation when we moved out from. California that my husband stayed there and I brought my two young children with me and so There's there's a little bit of personal work life balance that has to go into your decision making as to how you manage across a big enterprise like this Luckily, I'm very tech savvy. So I believe in lots of face to face communication like we have right now of zoom or. skype for business and lots of visits whenever possible but it is it is difficult to be able to do things. So it's really about building a team that you trust on the ground and being able to have. Good communication with them and really understand what everyone's trying to accomplish. So the people can get their jobs done without you being there in really just making sure that people know what they're supposed to be doing and have ownership over that I'm very fortunate I have a really good team. So in general, my travel is limited because of that. And I know from looking at your bio in the questionnaire you filled out even though Sanford health is pretty good size you have been involved with other organizations that are larger This may be a loaded question it's not meant to be Do you find it's easier to do as you said, you are an individual with unique traits, unique skills, which we all have defined. It's easier to have them recognised and it makes it easier to do your job because the other people are because it's a smaller organization than some of the larger organizations or institutions you may have been involved in the past. I think that. The question you're asking actually comes down to culture A small organization can have a not great culture. A large organization can have a great culture and it's really about being a place that makes you feel home and that makes you feel valued an I've been very lucky. I've had a lot of really really good support in champions throughout my career you know. Being being in a male dominated field you sort of have to have a lot of people who support you and I've been very, very fortunate whether it was in Grad school with a lot of support from faculty across multiple departments or working at L. Three where I have a tremendous leader that I worked for when I started. There Dr Chan was was great and trained me up and then Dr Similar as well. So we really had a family there. We would play Frisbee twice a week and it was it was like being a family we have birthday parties. And everything and it was a huge organization but our our group was was very close and now here seeing inferred is the same thing we're like a family we talk to each other we have regular communication and we're really focused on what kind of culture we want to build because we wanNA make sure that we're acknowledging the special traits of everybody and That's what I've I've really appreciated about all the places I've worked is that when I go and interview I'm really looking for culture fit and I've been very fortunate to find good cultures wherever I've gone. Well, put on I'm always curious with this especially since we're in the middle of COVID. As I mentioned the beginning of the interview. Some of our best interviews come from somebody that I've interviewed in the pastor says, Hey, you need to interview this and Dr Gillam said you know you need to talk to Lisa she's. You talk about a a culture and you're somebody who's in a position with sports..

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