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From KPCC news I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering it seven L. one the American civil liberties union of southern California along with several other groups is suing to stop the immigration rates that are widely reported to begin on Sunday ice would not confirm details of this week's in an email the KPCC but a report in The New York Times says the raids in Los Angeles and other cities will target more than two thousand immigrants who have missed a court appearance or have received final deportation orders we get more now from KPCC immigration reporter Lesley Barristan role Haas some people haven't left and many of them may not know they've been ordered deported because it's happened in a censure this often happens when somebody say Mrs a court date sometimes not because they want to but because they have been properly notified realistically immigration sweeps like these have been happening for years they target a certain number of individuals for whom agency got addresses and arrest them typically in their homes this is how sweeps like this are carried out usually in spite of the president's assertion last month on Twitter that millions would be deported KPCC is Leslie Bernstein row Hosp state lawmakers in Sacramento have approved a bill aimed at shoring up California's three major private utilities as another wildfire season approaches but to get the help those three southern California Edison San Diego gas and electric and Pacific gas and electric we'll have to spend billions of dollars on safety improvements we have more KPCC news at seven thirty followed by the daily from The New York Times at seven of two with.

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