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Stefan clark's case those officers maybe shouldn't have done what they did if they were covered they should've waited not far their weapon but they perceive something that was not in reality true in cincinnati ohio there was a university of cincinnati cop who shot someone who he perceived was pulling away with his body inside the officers arm inside the car and that he flinched whether it's gone out and shot guy named samuel dubose in the head and killed him the officer was indicted for murder and found he was a hung jury twice an officer in that environment ray tensing had to make a splitsecond decision the wrong decision meant he might be killed or the samuel dubose who was a small time drug dealer might be killed likewise in sacramento splitsecond decision to cops are killed in westerville ohio about a month ago they went to the scene of a tv one cop head is service weapon outside the holster but not in the firing position so how long would it take for a cop to get a gun get his weapon out of the holster and prepare to shoot i would say one or two seconds in that one or two seconds these two cops were murdered by the domestic violence perpetrator and they're both dead likewise in sacramento these two cops one white one black perceived the stefan clarke had a gun something in his hand that they perceive moved to be a weapon it turned out to be what a cell phone it's in the dark seemingly he was breaking into cars he was jumping over the top offenses and backyards it was dark they didn't know who they were confronting they perceive something that may not have been accurate but nonetheless let's face it they shot headed to do again they would not a shot had the do it again officer ray tensing in cincinnati would not have shot michael brown and all that riots imagine the false media coverage of michael brown that went on for weeks and weeks and weeks hands up don't shoot that was a provable lie in the media continue to cover it because it felt felt felt right the template of white racist cops killing an unarmed black man if an unarmed black man is six foot four weighing three hundred pounds charging a police officer the officer is within his rights to shoot him to get rid of that threat so the lies told by.

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