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Stratospheric Coaster rick cody's wife arlene reveals what it would take for her to murder greg. Jesus if he did not make you laugh you would. Have you been jailed for murder correct. Oh for sure for sure for sure for sure you might be dead and your mother would be in jail. Yes and i'd still be responsible for your long ass crack. Yes kenny maine's odd revelations to start the interview aloke. Kenny are meeting omelet. And i have that much time. And i'm going golfing and conditions out of the gate all right. Well thank you for sharing that with us. It's real mood setter. Dan reveals how much wife laughs at him when he tries to talking to his apple. Remote i don't think my wife laughs harder than me. Trying to talk to the apple remote and things getting misconstrued by the record that is recorded snort left the other day. Because i'm just talking to my ramon. I'm like this was easier when i had to get it from my couch and physically turn channels six-year-old trying to talk to the remote control. I said six six. Have you ever found yourself. Just yelling in an operator. I can't tell you the number of times. And i'm sitting there trying to call up a movie. All of a sudden aloe block is playing all over again with this cocaine cowboys ahead. But now i'm just shouting. Because i shouted it because i shouted at the remote. Give me the movie and now playing throughout the house. Aloe plant nope shouting eardley wanna watch. Oranges are black. George saint-pierre reveals. He was scared before every fight every single time. That one sighing. My wasn't scared at up is when i got knocked out by that sarah is too much company just gained the title at the time. I was around me. I think the other word. I even to to want one in my favor and i start to believe the height. I made the mistake watson. Mike never did it again. Florida panthers tough-guy radcow buddhist reveals the last movie. That made them cry. Give me the last time that you cried during a movie. That wasn't an appropriate movie for the butcher to cry during would say Maybe click. I didn't think that you're sorry. Go workout jessica. Smetana's pimples revelation dr pimple popper but if a popping pimple shows up on my tick tock algorithm probably stick around and watch it. Oh bobby's peter falk revelation. A mad was mom when he found out that. You and peter see what's really mad that he wasn't mad but you know she show with me too. You know you know how your she's very accommodating. Wow ron mcgill reveals the only video game. He ever played video. Game i've ever played is believe it or not. Are you kidding wrong. Only video game you have ever played is the first video game. The first video game was wrong. Bessie ever in my life. So put it on the poll stugatz reveals that he smokes weed. Boasts came out with ear. Buds for sleeping called sleep. But's that's boasts. But i have my own sleep. But's it's called kush about i. It doesn't go in ears. Hey we never said that. So flatly roy reveals the name of his alter ego. Do you guys have if you were ever to need a hotel alias. Like people like celebrity travel on the road. Have you ever decided what your name.

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