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I really love you to walk me through how to that. I cannot explain. Winds may may i attend. May i attend yet to probe the mind of liana. Boris your liana. Boris as she does every other day. Things of one glenn garcia from big brother eighteen. I would say real. Mvp of the freakazoids freakazoids freak buck bucket sewing. Now the buck dollars money bucks. I don't know. Anyway i right i thought also e b. moolah like trying to get into the bank that's be seems like a very much like a big brother thing like. Oh yeah you got the moolah remember people said that moolah will remember there was a reality show in the early two thousand. It's called moolah beach. Oh see there you go. It was it was weird. Yeah there's a show called law beach moolah beach so as the precursor to endurance. If you remember that show was like tweens in teams teams of tweens and they would like compete in challenges. And the better. You didn't challenges the more sort of like totems you've got that was a currency. And then he totems. Yeah and then. At the end of the episode they would load all the totems into this giant t. statue and if your totem came out you were safe so therefore if you did better than the challenges you had a chance of being drawn in the lottery and the last team that wasn't drawn out and so it was like this weird combination of luck and skill. I have no idea why this is like implanted in my gray memory. But that's the first thing. I think of eight year hula. I'm sure that's what i thought of as well now i have. You considered therapy. Oh i mean listen.

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