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With Lauren Rickets. Lauren, You're saying that word again this morning? That's no word, you know, And I think we're gonna get a good deal of it, John. I mean, we are looking at a pretty significant winter storm taking shape. What's happening is cold air unleashing across the United States and this is going to continue right on into the weekend. In fact, areas of Texas could have sub zero Windshield. So again, Cold air is going to set up shop around here and not go anywhere. So any little systems we get moving through, likely going to be Ah, good deal of winter, maybe a little mix because we're d C and we usually see that But we are looking at a significant winter storm taking shape starting tomorrow night and lasting through at least mid day on Friday today were mostly dryness. He mostly because we do have a few light rain showers in southern Maryland. Right now, some of those could creep northwestward up towards the D C area. Some stains Southeast D C and again just some spotty showers. There's pockets of some freezing rain, but this will be gone by lunchtime. And then this afternoon, more sunshine. Good news is temperatures around 50 today, That's gonna be the most mild day that we're going to see this week. We're on Lee in the thirties to near 40 degrees tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be dry, increasing clouds, but by tomorrow sundown Snow and so will continue into Thursday. It'll continue right through the day on Thursday and into Friday afternoon Now Thursday, and even through the daylight hours on Friday, we'll have to worry about this rain snow line. How far North can I get can get mixed in? Are we going to stay cold enough for all snow? Still looks like we could see a several inches of snow, possibly 62 maybe up to 10 inches of snow. But of course, we may have to lower expectations. If this rain snow line gets a little closer, But I do believe that we will all see it least a couple inches of snow accumulation, if not more than a couple of inches again. Just have to see what this rain snow line does not like to see One more model run before we like to put out snow totals but know this could be a significant winter storm. Then Saturday, we're dry, possibly freezing rain event and some snow on Sunday 32 right now with Washington, Baltimore at 31 Frederick and gave his burger 28 10. We have 30 degrees. Outside w T o P Studios brought to you by new look home design right now Save 50% on all roofing materials. 6 22 and new this morning of food safety and animal diseases expert at the UN's World Health Organization is saying the coronavirus probably did not leak from a Chinese.

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