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Station. Next up. Imagine your town had four hundred people. How many opioid should be prescribed there, you think, how many pills or what about nine million drug makers are getting hauled in front of congress. We will tee it up for you. Are you hiring join the over three million businesses that use indeed dot com for hiring. You can post a job in minutes and manage your candidates from an easy to use dashboard post your next job on the world's number one job site indeed dot com. So voters in West Virginia say they're less concerned with a daily drama and more concerned with things like opioids. Well, let's talk about opioids for a second. Because on the other side of the building from Gina hassles confirmation hearing today executives from five major drug distributors will go in front of congress to face questions on why millions of pills are sweeping towns in West Virginia, as well as around the country. One of the people who will be watching is Rick. Van Warner Rick was a journalist and immediate consultant will. Then he watched his son become addicted to opioids and survive multiple overdoses. Now, he tells his own story in a book pills and needles. The relentless fight to save my son from opioid addiction, Rick. How is your son? First of all, doing pretty well today, but it's day in day out them. Can I ask how it first struck you? How dark this world was that your son was all of a sudden inhabiting well, initially we didn't have any any idea or any real signs that he was experimenting with opioids, but he had got gotten into Oxycontin through the through the middle school and high school, and it wasn't until he didn't come home from school. Well, one day and went missing for a few days that we had any sense of the grips of what he was involved with. Today. This has been going on since he was sixteen years old. So it's almost ten years now we've been through, you know, street corners and and varies. A homelessness, he's been through rehab. Facilities has been in jail. He's relaxed, fourteen times and twice, been resuscitate from death by overdose. Essentially, he has been devastated by the by the Power of opioids which hijacked his brain. Now, we saw this turning point with tobacco companies getting hauled in front of congress back in the nineties, and now you see a hearing. Today's drug executives will likely be asked how in a town of four hundred people in Kentucky. How did nine million pills come into one pharmacy in two years? What are you hoping to hear why I'd love to hear them actually own up to the fact that it was deceptively marketed drug that began with Oxycontin that really ticked off this entire up democ and thanks to the big pharma lobby. There was nothing done about it for many, many years until it. It truly wasn't epidemic in when they finally shut down or started limiting some access to Oxy's in pill form heroin, then it just pushed the problem onto the street were nil and other substances have killed. Even more we're losing over one hundred people per day hundred America's per day die from opioid overdose. What if somebody says to you? Hey, drugmaker save lives. They've put more and more safeguards in place. It's these shoddy doctors and irresponsible customers who take a good product and make a dangerous. Well, if there wasn't the amount of deceptive marketing that went on with this particular drug Oxycontin and similar copycat drugs that came out once that patent was over, then certainly there's a place for pain medication and in in the healthcare system, there's no one. There are certain people that definitely need extreme pain medication. Nobody's saying that they shouldn't have that. What really happened is is there was just a marketing blitz and deceptive marketing blitz that really overnight made these drugs into the household cure all for any type of pain. And if you were at that hearing today, Rick and you had the chance, what would you tell these drug executives? I would tell them that the shame on you for. For allowing for creating this epidemic and then allowing it to flourish by making sure that there was very little done to address it for many, many years. It's only now that that finally the drug companies are being held accountable, and addiction does of course affect families so much. So we do wish the best of your son also to your entire family. Rick fan Warners book just came out this year. It's called on pills and needles, Rick. Thank you for being with us. Thank you. Yesterday in the rose garden. I'm very excited to announce be best lady Melania Trump revamped her policy platform. She unveiled the slogan, be best in a focus on children, physical and emotional wellbeing, opioid abuse. And yes, social media use, and the basic pitch is this, that in a more connected world, it's easier than ever for kids to seek attention outside the home before parents know what their child fall prey to bullying addiction even suicide. But many onlookers were less interested in the policy than they were to see Milania reaction to the guy clapping in the front row that would be President Trump her husband who reimbursed a payment to a porn star that he still claims. He did not have an affair with this just months after Malania gave birth to his son, ABC news, political analyst. Cokie Roberts is here and Cokie. I guess you could call it a United front. You watch these to embrace. What did you see? Well, I saw it was somewhat awkward, but but it is an awkward situation. Was resenting proclamation is my pleasure to cold husband. The state was going to sign it and all of that. So it was kind of awkward situation. But I think the first lady actually had a very good moment yesterday in the rose garden, which was looking quite beautiful and as was she? But the the fact is that she's the class act in the White House these days. She's the person who is kept her council, but just gone around the country learning how to be a first lady and how what she would like to emphasize when children learn positive online behaviors. Early on social media can be used in productive ways. She was very clear that this is something to spend a good deal of time on and now is ready to go public with a set of proposals on a program. I was going to say, okay, she had the option right to stay silence that's certainly an option. And she's deciding in this moment of all moments not to do that. She had the option saints island, but it would have. Not been in the tradition of a first lady. First lady's generally do have a some program that they are ready to push. They understand quite well that they are in a unique position to be able to make a difference. And ladybird Johnson famously said, you have a pulpit as first lady and you have to use it and it's something she taught her successors Laura Bush. I'm told his worked closely with Melania Trump trying to help her navigate these shows think of it. You know, Laura Bush had been first lady of Texas. Barbara Bush had been the wife of the vice president. Hillary Clinton had been first lady of Arkansas is very difficult to come in onto these circumstances. It was hard enough for Michelle Obama who had just had a husband in the Senate for a couple of years to come in having never been in the public eye and and doing anything that is expected of. Of politicians. Wife is a very difficult thing. Okay. That is ABC's Cokie Roberts as we continue to see the first lady press ahead with her initiatives despite several high profile embarrassments. And

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