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Was my ricky year i pitched in san diego and or losing and i come and i'm not wait rupp do what my staff and prompt below who had sixteen years olympic they come to not wait round goes hey kid kamerhe and they said that trevor hoffman about that pitch in this game i want you to put your back on our watch outside them join it and so i did i i went out there and i i still stuck out of your hell's bells come on as he came out of lights are flashing and it was one of the coolest we lost the game which sunk but it was one of the coolest things that i've ever seen in my memory him was in milwaukee he got three to believe around the trade deadline and he got his six hundred save against us celebrate with his teammates and uh just a celebration of what he accomplished that's incredible and uh he's the guy that always came hence was fun to watch he was only throwing eighty four miles an hour change up a still devastating he tried to get guy go kyle loesch started that game for you guys mitchell boggs in blake hawksworth it was narva in calls vienna waymo who is on st louis john expert who we saw in st louis and then german hoffman in it out so uh a couple of degrees of of cardinal there for you guys that day and man what an incredible uh what an incredible arm kauona asky to carter's make a move last week they send rental gerchik to toronto for a couple of pictures dominick leone who had a nice you're out of the bullpen for toronto last year and a prospect in you know they've now treated sierra but scottie and gril chick but but the additional marcelo zuma and also i think what you have in the minor leagues is far as vader oscar kado a d'allest garcia at a cardinals have been able to accomplish what they wanted to an acquiring some arms orrin osuna but also move in a couple of those outfielders out to create some more flexibility in some opportunities for some guys the miners yeah i.

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