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When you were a kid and you didn't have to worry about things like money. Pack responsibility meant getting your homework. Done get the chores done around the house. That's why we're also pissed off at our teenage kids because we we know what life is like and we used to be them and we're all pissed off. We all now have to do all of the stuff we have to do and help them with the homework and remind them to take out the garbage. I've had just about a number okay. i don't know where that came from. Twenty twenty has Not made any in life easier but take a deep breath. Some some things are easier to solve than others. The mortgage consultants over at american financing are good at solving problems. You should give them a call do it. Today don't wait they're They're not working for some shady bank. That is like wait a minute if we lower interest rates and we make them so the interest rate is a negative rate will be able to charge the american public three percent so we get paid from them and we get two percent from borrowing it from the government. We'd be rich now. They're not part of that scam. They're refinancing they work for you. Not for the banks. And may i suggest you get to them right now. Without resetting your mortgage you could save a thousand dollars a month. If you put your high interest credit cards in there you could actually see light at the end of the tunnel. American financing call them ten minutes. They'll tell you how they can help. American financing eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty american financing dot net american financing. Nmls eight two three three four.

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