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West Appalachia and the Ozarks very non CBS news there's news a tether Myers with your micro climate forecasts are new makes the sun and clouds temperatures much cooler this week compared to last week were actually below the seasonal average county whites by a few degrees what about in the mid to upper seventies at the beaches today low eighties for most of our inland valley communities temperatures stay comfortable right there Wednesday of this week expect things to warm up by Thursday on am seven sixty I'm is it's heather Myers I doubt sunny and seventy eight in Sam T. the Padres open a three game series with the Chicago Cubs tonight down a pickle park cal Quantrill gets the start for the pot is more Mike Slater coming up AM seven sixty talking breaking news Hey bill o'reilly here when Brad and Roger through discussing all the issues of the day I'll wrap it up on the Riley update tonight six forty five right here on a M. seven sixteen. Friday at one tire one o'clock hour we talked about country music are you telling my tone I did not mean to talk about it for the dye our but finally figured out and never mind the torque TQ late my problem with modern country music including that Blake Shelton song right there which had the thing that I hate. as retirement at one o'clock with the grand finale of this whole conversation finally condensed are thought to just brief points. we're gonna make sense of it all coming up in about a half an hour and you can use that as a as an example of that Charlie seven email I did not know that at Stephen white install new windows does numa windows also do retirement planning did I mention I've seen white when I was doing the Newman commercial I didn't catch it is Charlie gas.

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