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I'm ready. We've got four people on hold the Kathy hilarious. Tom attorney. And let's see which one of them will be first Tom east Walpole. Hello, tom. Hi morgan. Morgan about I don't know. Four weeks ago you for sharing information during the week? Yes. And I won the trivia game. Okay. And I gave my name and address terrar-. I haven't received a t shirts. Well, you know what? I will call on Monday because you're not the only person to tell me that. Let me not that. I am. Not trying to step my foot in the blame pie. I used to take charge of mailing out the prizes. Whether it was a busy t shirt or a book or movie movie prize, and I handled that myself the promotions department has made it clear that they want to handle all prizes being sent out. So I will call them on Monday. And see if there's been some sort of hold up and hunt down your shirt, Tom. Okay. It's too wet sale. If I may okay, that's a very popular size. Everybody wants. Okay. The answer. The trivia question. Just you may..

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