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Past guests down the cross in the middle of the opening. Scores it and the floor underneath our feet is shaking. In 2019, in New Jersey, a friendly versus the U.S. men's national team, ironically, his last goal for Mexico that was on the right hand side completely takes advantage of sergino dest and to the all time leading goal scorer Mexican national team history Javier Hernandez. All right, this is my most presented by Bud Light. Easy drink easy to enjoy. And I am your host Hercules Gomez, in this episode, distorted reality. U.S. soccer just announced Matt Crocker as a new sporting director, we'll get into all that in our shooting as straight, and our good friend Eric Gomez joins the show to talk chicharito Hernandez and that explosive interview. For this and much more, what are you waiting for? Vamos. All right, explosive interview from Javier Hernandez to Fox Sports, so I brought my good friend here. Eric Gomez of ESPN deportes to help me break this all down because it's really something. So Eric Gomez, my friend is here. How are you doing Eric? I'm doing great. We're going to talk about the reason Javier Hernandez or at least his reason of his exclusion from Mexican national team. Now, there were all kinds of reports, reports have been disciplined that Hernandez got a federation employee fired for helping him break hotel protocol, was one of the reports, reports of Javier Hernandez having issues with the vodka sagradas, the sacred cows, if you will, the experienced players in the locker room. All kinds of reports surfaced and FMF and Tata martino kept saying, no, he wasn't blacklisted. All right, all this drama led to even more speculation as to why the all time leading goal scored the Mexican national team can't get on the field. Can't play for Mexico in World Cup qualifiers when the Mexican national team is struggling. So Eric, you're in Mexico right now. How is this interview by Ruben Rodriguez of Fox Sports been received, which iterated Hernandez? Well, I think, you know, first and foremost, it feels like Javier is fishing for sympathy at this point. He's been a guy that has long been in the public eye and has had sort of opinion split on not just his performance on the pitch, but his personality, right? It feels like he wants to clear the air and it also feels like he's readily aware of the fact that his career is coming to a close and he wants to do it on his terms. He doesn't want to do it with a blacklist hanging over his head with the national team and he doesn't want to do it with any diminishing returns in Major League Soccer. So I feel like in Mexico in general, people will definitely tune in and they will definitely weigh in because if there's anything to say about Mexico, is that people are not shy with their opinions. No, and it's a massive football soccer crazy country. Now, the fall from grace, if you will. I'd say that respectfully because at one point he was Mexico's sweetheart, like the most humble, just charismatic kid, and he would score goals, whether he played 90 minutes or 9 minutes, like chicharito was good for a goal and a smile. People enjoyed cheering for him and now for the first time, you have Javier Hernandez, actually owning his pardon with Romero Rodriguez and interview you should check it out. He says, I quote, I made a mistake with the national team. I can't talk about it. It would compromise someone else. He also added, these two years, I knew I would pay the ultimate price for decision I made for a teammate. What's he referring to here? Because he leaves a lot of speculation. Yeah. And everything he says is tinged with that sense of sort of please feel sorry for me when he's the one who says over and over again that he made a mistake. He's not, as you say, clear about what that mistake in particular was. But it really does seem like he's trying to be very careful and not throw anybody else under the bus here. I think what he's trying to say is that he was not the only person involved in this situation and that somebody else who was apparently at fault or equally at vault went unpunished, right? That that person is still there. So there's an actual event that we discover that happened. We heard the goal call, Javier Hernandez Coyne his last goal happened to be against U.S. men's national team. It was in the Meadowlands. There was an event in that two game window, one versus Argentina in San Antonio where the Mexican national team got smoked, I believe the score was four zero. And another one where they won three to one against the U.S. men's national team in New Jersey. There was an event at lavo brunch in New York City, which ended up being a scandal. There was, I believe, a Instagram Live or something that went up and there was a few players there and Javier Hernandez. That was one that led many people to speculate. He goes on to add. All my teammates knew that I got the short end of the stick, many of us mentioned many of us. He mentioned also the Mexican national team, my teammates Miguel ayun and Marco Fabian as well. The narrative suited many people, even internally. I assume what he means internally, he is talking about the locker room. Now, I spoke about one of the reports that was out in the Mexican press about the rift with the sacred cows, you know? The figureheads of the national team, there have been reports that those two sacred cows, mainly where memo choa and Andres guardado. Is there anything you can tell us about this rift if you will with these two players? Yeah, absolutely. I think that Andres guardado is also been pretty clear in saying that after the 2018 World Cup Marquez finally retired as an active player, there was a sort of a difficult time within the Mexican national team when it came time to choosing a new leader, right? There were several factions and different people kind of vying for that spot, different groups within the locker room, one of those groups, essentially, as you said, and that's Guadalajara in memo would show up. The other group was pretty much Miguel la Yun and how Hernandez Marco Fabian is obviously a very good friend of how he had Hernandez, but he was never sort of seen in that leadership role within the locker room. What happened with Javier Hernandez and the issue that he's referring to in the sense that it suited a lot of people was that the timing and the Revis of what happened in New Jersey and in San Antonio essentially laid the foundation for that group to be removed and 400 and memo sure to assume that leadership position unchallenged within the Mexican national team. And I think here are the issue with Javier as well is that he sort of feels betrayed because those guys think about it and that's what I learned memo show I've been around for his entire career and essentially have been very important parts of his life. He's talked about them in past interviews about being friends. And then after the 2019 issue, we don't see him talk about him, that's what I want. We don't see him talk about memoir. So there's a trail of crumbs there for sure. A lot of people also reported that part of this blacklist I should say that he suffered from the federation was also due to him breaking hotel protocol and he had a federation employee.

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