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I saw the price exactly to be fair. I just saw that. I follow text messages and slack channel is like Jordan Howard. And I was like, okay. That's all right. Yeah. They needed to do something. And I'm glad they did that. But once I saw the cost. Okay. Philo bit better. So start out the pros. He's only twenty four. That's very good. He's young. He is clearly a productive volume player. And I think that's kind of important to note here because you can look at counting stats and people do that a lot especially in the NBA or the NFL whatever. And there's value in that in being volume player is clearly not anyone not just anyone can do that like dance Bowles. Can't you couldn't give him the work that Jordan is not gonna hold up? He's not gonna last even Darren sproles in his primates. Does not that kind of player. Now, there's volume there's value in that. But I also think like you have to be officiant too. So Jordan Howard. You know, he's having hit a tiny yards last year, but he only at three point seven yards per carry. So that's not as great another thing. I did like is he s created out. Well in pass protection by pro football, focus on have to go back to that closer myself. But just for now, I take that as a positive sign, obviously the Olsen you up. To get him. It's another pro he's relatively durable. Just kinda surprising, given his physical running style. But he's only missed one game in his past three seasons here in the NFL. So that's I think that's a good thing. I think when you look at this move from a compact perspective, obviously that you will didn't do anything to cost themselves a compact of the give a pick next year, which you know, kind of you have to factor that in. But yeah, you can get a Compaq for Jordan Howard. Now, if you don't resign him after the season if he has a good year, and you don't wanna pay him big money, which I think is very possible than all of a sudden another team signs him and you discussed a draft pick. That's potentially better than what the bears gave you. So there you go you're getting some euro to getting some kind of return potentially if he leaves? So that's a good thing to keep in mind. He's Tepe John. He's only two million in base salary this year. So you're not really eating into the cap space too much menu. Checking off all a Howie Roseman boxes here man Dey what young cheat? Cami. He's big he's to thirty. So I think this is John talked about wanting league Arab back last year. You wanted that that running back? This is him. This is like this is like the new lira blunt in this offense. He's big he's good in short yardage. That's something. I think that's honestly, one of the big one of the bigger selling points of the straight. Heels were terrible in short yardage last year when it came to at least running back production like Josh Adams was some kind of crazy bad numbers which was surprising on the surface because you look at Josh Adams in you're like, wow. That guys big you should be able to punch forward in get you a first down on fourth shirt third in short. But he couldn't in seven carries on third or fourth down in one or two last year. Josh Adams had negative eight yards in no I down. So he was horrible. And that that comes from Jimmy Campsie. So you bring in Jordan Howard. And all of a sudden you have someone who is more effective in short yardage because as David era. Noted he has twenty one of thirty one conversions on third and fourth of two or fewer yards in eighteen. So it's a seventy four percent convert rate for perspective as Elliot converted seventy six. So if you wanna put that mine. Yes. So I just got someone who can help you out in short yardage. You got someone who checks the boxes and all the categories..

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