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Because you know it's kind of a work day for me as Sunday's normally are inside just kept thinking out Sunday Sunday and then I'd remember that it's not it's Monday in it's Memorial Day. I hope you guys all had a very good holiday weekend. Joined the extra time off. I get to do a little When I little Dade Long Road trip on Saturday watch racing all day Sunday? Wash raising interspersed on the road trip Saturday. Actually a funny story about Max `field and we'll get to that but And then Monday watch racing hung around. We won't be able to recap the end of the card Santa Anita stakes races for Monday. 'cause they are going off after our normal published time. I'll shoot publish around five. Pm Pacific The night before the show comes out because I know a lot of you guys like to listen in the evening time and so we will talk about that tomorrow on Wednesday Excited for this week's guests and shows George L. Branka Join US from Texas Horse Player but owner and Works for the thoroughbred board there. We're GONNA talk some Lonestar. Some Texas racing. He had a nice He popped the late pick five. I think it was Sunday. Churchill for twenty thousand we'll talk about that too So looking forward to having him on I got to meet him at. Nhcd this past year and so we'll talk some Lonestar as I watched a fair bit of Lonestar that we kind of got unlucky with the weather. It rained most of the weekend down there so their turf races off their turf racing down there so I look forward to that. Once the weather gets a little better we'll talk with George on Wednesday show Thursday. I mentioned last week where I was going to try to put this together and we are going to do a little bit of a roundtable dedicated to discussion of watching and using the odds board. The will pays the probables I have a couple of friends who you know. Big Part of their bedding is is doing that and is watching the numbers and watching. You know how things are playing out kind of quote unquote behind the scenes. I mean I know the odds are out there public. But there's interpretation of odds more than just always taking money are always taking money and so we will talk about that a couple of buddies who we've had on here before Josh Hansen Chris. Todd so we'll have that conversation on Thursdays Horse player Thursday show in Friday. We'll be right back. I'll get into the weekend as opening tracks opening around the country. Next weekend boy the stakes drawn for next week Churchill. What was it one of the great threes just loaded with graded stakes winning horses and I forget. Was it the old something another? Forget the names of the races a bad about that. I'm HORRIB- in California. That's where I'm the worst. Add it like because they're all saying a lot of at least and it's like okay. The Santa Margarita the Santa Ana the sand vicinity which one is which is the downhill for the older horses. I guess none of them are the downhill anymore. But I wonder if that will come back sometime soon like I know Santa Anita anytime. There's an injury there. It goes on the newspapers even if it's less than other tracks. I mean they've just kind of been painted into this corner But I wonder if you know the downhill for the covert thing. I think one of the off shoots seems to have been that People got a lot of other stuff to worry about. I mean we know that this all started was when the service Navarro stuff came out. It was barely a peep outside of the racing world about that so I don't know if Cova will have the same effect if the protesters and people that don't like us we'll be Be Backup enforce or will they have to remain six feet apart? So they'll just say screw it we don't want to deal with it anymore but Lots to look back at on this so we get. Why don't we start at Santa Anita and we'll do that? The first part of the show and then we'll shift our focus over to Churchill and I don't know that we'll get to Gulfstream. We might get to the Saturday card a little bit. The Sunday and Monday cars were just total washouts there. They had huge huge amounts of rain. I did the weekend preview on Friday for Gulfstream Saturday. We luckily on the turf there and I was pretty happy with with most of my observations right in a lot of spots and wrong in a couple of spots. But I think I felt like I was reading the races more right than wrong that day. Which is always a good thing you'd never going to. You know scold an entire card but you know like I said overall I think the the thoughts put out on the show. Where we're we're decent ones so happy about that. Churchill on the other hand I mean if if you get a lot of short priced layoff horses. That were big names the year before. If they're all winning on a card I can guarantee you my days not going well and I know that it's situational but I would say that I tend to gravitate towards going against shorter priced comeback types. I mean Max feel the perfect example and I mean it just seemed like every race Churchill. That's what was winning at least on on Saturday. Saw My man Eddie. Dee gave out the late pick five on his His bet share ticket. So happy for ED. Whoever a played along in the the bet share with him on on Monday On Memorial Day so We'll We'll try to get as much of that as we can but I mentioned Santa. Anita WanNa start with the the Saturday card and we'll start with the Daytona stakes which was the fifth race on the program. Doug O'Neill obviously with a pretty big hand here. He had three runners Including Wild Man Jack Including Stubbins and the other one was Murad Khan who I kinda liked is a bit of a price option. I thought this might have been a race to to get a price home. I thought there was some reasons to think while Man Jack could be a little short you know. Texas wedge was kind of the one that scared me the most of the what I would call four logical. But let's take a listen back to Franks call from Saturday. It's the Daytona on the grass at Santa Anita in their often the Daytona Texas wedge comes out. Running Sodas Sisteron in between them wild Man Jack. They're joined at the rail by Sparky Ville in the orange sleeves and stubbins a very close fifth. Another three back to Murad Khan and blame it on the law at the back. Pass the half-mile Pole. They go. Citron narrowly sparky bill at the rail. While Man Jack. Outside of that pair stubbins on the fence. Texas wedges fit three legs off the lead another three to Morad. Khan whose foreign front of blame it on the law it sparky bill coming to the quarter pole. A neck in front of second extreme outside Texas wedge trying to get into it while Man Jack has one from the outside behind them stubbins. Top of the stretch and sparky bill shakes loose a link and a Half Wild Man Jack now takes up the chase on the outside further out is Texas wedge system a driving finish chest as expected. Here's.

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