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Nonetheless, made a Mark the Tigers who won the national college football championship after not having to play my alma mater, Ohio State, who cares Philip bump had the traditional meeting with the president enjoying remarks from South Carolina, Senator after retiring from to the state dining room for a meal the meal was made up of fast food from various national chains. I think they'd feel better if it were like south of the border, and what's a burrito and Taco Bell. Because you know, they're not on our side. They're really not. And and and he literally is attacking President Trump for paying out of his own pocket to feed the football team. As Trump re repeatedly makes clear it is indeed a lot of food, but perhaps not a lot of food in the context of hungry college football team. But now, it's the wrong food choice. Look at this in his comments. He claims there are three hundred burgers totaled, which are obviously joined by a number of salads, chicken nuggets and on a separate table under a heat lamp fries and pizzas. They also got cups. The fries were put into White House cups with the presidential seal and everybody gets to take home their cups and keep their cups with the White House seal. It raised was perhaps obvious question. How much did all this cost the president listen to this? This is what they write about. You know, the the unemployment rate for veterans just hit an eighteen point low for African Americans. That's at an all time low for Hispanic says at an all time low and listen to what bump he's writing over here bumpy. This is what these people type on behalf of the party. They're attacking the spread at the state dining room here. Pictures of it. It looks wonderful. And it's a college football team you ever hang out with any college football players. You know, what they want not the? Washington post. I can tell you that much..

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