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With a train killing eighteen people and injuring around two hundred and sixty others south african police say a truck driver could be charged with manslaughter police say the driver tried to cross the tracks just ahead of the oncoming train on thursday in south africa's free state province part of the train burst into flames after the collision trapping some passengers in carriages a final death toll won't be announced until the forensic investigation including dna a testing is complete workers have been checking underneath the carriages for any other remains the train with four hundred twenty nine passengers aboard had been travelling from port elizabeth to the country's commercial hub johannesburg there's been a small breakthrough in the korean peninsula as ap correspondent mike rossi a reports the rival koreas are holding talks next week north and south korea have agreed to revive a formal dialogue for the first time in over two years representatives for the two sides will meet tuesday at the border village of panmunjom to discuss cooperation for the upcoming winter olympics in the south the announcement by seoul's unification ministry came hours after the united states said it has agreed to delay annual joint military exercises with south korea until after the winter games north korea considers those exercises a rehearsal for an invasion although the us and south korea say the drills are defensive in nature i'm mike rossi of the change in policy by the federal government towards dates with legal recreational marijuana led by attorney general jeff sessions scores the lot of confusion but in california harbourside dispensaries the ills deangelis says he doesn't see federal attorney's going after the marijuana industry i don't think very many us attorney's are going to take him up on the offer i think that most us attorneys who reside in legal canvas states have seen that the cannabis reform laws of actually been of benefit to public safety not a detriment officially became legal in california january 1st deangelis because as far as he's concerned it's business as usual we're not going to to make any changes than the way that we do business as the result of of this of this announcement we already are one hundred percent comply with all of our laws and all of our regulations.

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