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Know I'm I'm josh the savings angel my other company and so I've been on the media over two thousand times as the savings angel. Some kind of this consumer advocates a lot of times. You'll see me with my my sleeves rolled the open collar and I'm this consumer guy. That's you know fighting for your you know fighting for your consumer skills that sort of thing so yeah so it's all part heart listen. It's all part of the branding so let me ask you this when someone sitting down like let's say you having a lot of people that listen to this. We'll have an established business right but they'll have very depor social media a lot of a lot of those people will be individuals who actually have a lot of breadth and depth of knowledge in a certain topic topic but they're not guessing the authority and I'll talk to them like I'm in the lighting business and I'll talk to them and they'll be very powerful when you speak to them but something's something's holding them back something stopping them from becoming an authority and they look at other people that are stepping into that vacuum and they have contempt for them but they do nothing about it. What is it in US that stops it. What is it. What is it that you you're addressing with people to help them? Come out of their shells a little bit when I first started podcasting about six years ago. I was really hesitant to do so and it was honestly for a couple of years. I said you know I really I really should be podcasting thing but I was afraid to do that because it was a new level of vulnerability for me and I felt like someone was going to call me out and say get out of here. You're a faker. You know you you can see. I think imposter imposter syndrome as a lot to do with we all feel like my wife is a very gifted family therapist for example. She's really good at what she does. but it's this same thing you know she. She feels like she shows up at work and she feels like she's just faking taking it but here's the I mean it's like it's not a high bar to expert in something. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be an expert in rocket science. Today you can be an Uber Fan and have a very lay a understanding of the topic but you totally geek out on rocket science and you interview some of the greatest rocket scientists out there so you're a journalist or analyst who drew journalists are not experts at what they talk about but they love the topic and they are eager to share everything that they've learned with at their own audience and listen you talk with twenty thirty forty people in a particular subject or you read twenty thirty forty bucks you know more than ninety ninety nine point nine percent of the population on that topic so with the world needs is not necessarily more experts but more teachers and if you're willing to teach people and you love serving and giving value to people that's where we're at today and that's what the world needs. It needs more more givers and more teachers. I think that's a great way to look at it. You know it's you know a guy who's done this better than anybody so someone. Who's maybe an expert in mixed martial arts. It's but somehow is created in a massive podcast. You'll Rogan hundred million downloads a month when you look at Joe Rogan ten years ago you said is he's a meathead had actor. He fights any action movies or whatever he's influenced some of the most intelligent people of our time like yeah of our time not of of the mixed martial arts world or whatever but you're talking the Mo the highest intellect people. He brings on his show. He's interested in their topic. He discusses it with them and he introduced them and teaches his audience silence about why they should listen to this person or read this book and I think it's a great example because there's a guide whose expertise mixed martial arts but now he's interviewing Bernie Sanders. There's and he's interviewing presidential candidates and what he's doing is he's. He's probably one of the most powerful people in the world because of his podcast because he's willing to open themselves up and be vulnerable honorable. Yes yeah so one of the best exercises that I think you could do would be to get comfortable with video and if you can get comfortable with just giving value to audiences you know doing stuff like stories for example where they disappear in twenty four hours that way if it's really bad it doesn't really matter. It's going to be gone anyway but if you want to feel really good about yourself you know go back and listen to Joe Rogan's podcast or go back. I remember four hour workweek. Tim Ferriss his podcast. We're horrible terrible at the beginning but you could do that with anybody. Anybody pod Pat Flynn John Lee Dumas semi. Were those guys their their first podcasts. Were really lousy minor really bad go back. I still have them on Youtube. So if you go on Youtube and search for savings angel and go listen go watch my first you TV segments. Oh I look really uncomfortable. That's okay I think there's and you can watch the progression this with a lot of youtubers back. Go Go watch I knew and then go watch him today and you'll see that their comfort level just it just goes. It just goes nothing but nowhere but up Scott. You just have to do that. You you have to get in the trenches do the thing and then you'll get better at the. I wish there was a shortcut. You wish you could just read a bunch of books and be an expert in stage presence. That's not how works people will feel your authentic energy. When you get comfortable with the platform much easier totally agree with that the the what what will really cure what really makes me curious about up. My influence dot com is the emphasis on becoming an influence influence are becoming an authority. How how do the different see like. We've focused all of our attention for my lighting show on linked and I'm lemur yeah. I it was great. We will get a ton of us on little clips. We put up and we will get we share it and we get the networks good but I have this feeling about instagram. That instagram is really the the the the place to be. I don't understand Graham. Though can you explain instagram to to me. In in terms of the difference between how linked in work in an instagram works in the business yeah absolutely so so here's here's kind of content that that you would share linked in is definitely going to be much more polished. It's going to be focused on you know. Would you stand up in a room of peers in front of an audience and present his information so it's generally going to be much more kind of buttoned up instagram. The content on Instagram is the the behind the scenes stuff so say for example video on Youtube. You're definitely looking to put your polished video content there but instagram you'd be like hey guys just getting ready to cut my new video on Youtube before I do. I just wanted to take you on a tour behind the studio. Show you like that kind of stuff plays really really well on Instagram and you know people love the behind the scenes stuff and it's where you can be much more transparent much more authentic. I find that one good piece of advice of that that I got in particular with works really well with Instagram is that you know people will get attracted to you on on any social media platform warm for your expertise and like your you know your success or what you have like no initially be attracted to you. It's and it's kind of like this way in dating right. It's like all my gosh. You know he's really trying. She's really attractive so you're instantly like what's going on there but if if it's nothing but this thin thin veneer of this just the surface beauty then it's like well. I'm not really connecting with you and and so at some point and hopefully really quickly on social. You're going to be vulnerable with people you're going to be authentic with people so strive have to share your imperfections and insecurities and vulnerabilities on a regular basis because when you do that that's that's where people are. GonNa say. Oh Josh's like me you know. He's you know he's got the same fears or he's you know maybe talks about a time. You don't necessarily have to share something something that that that vulnerability today but maybe it was something like listen. You know one thing you might not know about me is I've been through bankruptcy. Z and it sucks it. I feel like a loser as a husband and as a provider is a father and so when I share that story you know losing the two houses like I have failed in business six times. I had six businesses. It went out of business and let me tell you how that felt emotionally so when I go through that story story and and I tried to do this in in even like marketing videos because I want people to know like Hey Josh el-ajaz never failed. That's like that's like Turkey. Runs skies just phonies fake so yeah and that's another thing too and that might feel you might. You might feel that that might be challenging to do that but I promise you that. The more you do that the more you'll feel relaxed and your audience this is going to respond. I mean they really really well. I know at the beginning. It's like you know it's kind of talking to what feels like talking to an empty room but when you keep doing it time after time the audience will come and they're really going to appreciate your heart when you share that now as as as kind of awful as this is going to sound how would you monetize that monetize your failures in your vulnerability on instagram program how would you how would you end up. Like how would you spinning that into. Revenue is at an thing or what would you do no. I'm not a big listen. Eventually you can do instagram like instagram influence or look you can build that I mean that's something you can legitimately do. We've done some stuff work with brands and that sort of thing. I you know short term him though I it's like podcasting right. It's like yeah you can bring you know. We've got advertisers advertise on the savings angel show but it's taken us a long time to build that audience in order to do that. Listen honestly the best absolute best thing that you can do as a small medium size business owner is use the the platform to connect with your audience build a relationship build know like and trust and then you know maybe use that platform to make connections with people that could really help you in business so you know what we do now. Here's what we do with with up my influence. Louis we have a podcast. It's called the thoughtful entrepreneur. Listen to procure. What's that again. I I listened to a couple of good and I'll tell you so so here's what we do. I'm a big fan of Bob Berg. The go giver and that philosophy is that if you want to grow your business sales and marketing you have to lead by just giving so much value that people my Gosh I just feel like I wanna give Josh something back right like like I you invest in the relationship so you can spend more time together. You know when you meet anybody and you're like hey. Maybe we should do whatever and and you know again you always as a business owner. You always have to make sure I believe we have an ethical responsibility to give far more value all you than whatever we're asking in return so if it's money or you know I it's you know we always want. We always want to make sure that we're out giving what we're asking. Deliver it that that's a great example of how you can use a platform like a podcast and you can say. Would you like to be a guest on my show can I highlight your work. You just start giving compliments and testimonials about other people on your social media platform and that's going going to get the attention of brands other people you know and it doesn't cost you anything and people appreciate when you share you know a thumbs up a are about somebody else and so just start doing us your social media platform to do nice things for other people and keep on doing that even if you just went out now and you you you said you said goal. He said for the next ten days. I'm going to share three compliments. I'm going to call people out three people a day. I am a say something nice about him. You do that for ten days straight. I promise you something good is going to come out of that promise you it's just human nature like we love to reciprocate everybody loves to feel good about themselves and if you can make people feel good about themselves who knows what the lead to but be be a force for good you know make people make other people look good and I'm just telling you it's it's something good is going to happen you no. It's funny that you say that 'cause I. I like twitter as a you know it's like a news feed sort of for me. I find that there's a lot of negativity actively on twitter and you're are you suggesting that you avoid those twitter. A lot of people seem to get trapped into these twitter things and and I watched them go and I'm like. Oh my God you really putting that on the Internet like my principal is only say nice things. They'll get into yes I buy..

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