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That person did exist at the house but she was not a witch and she did not die the same way in which was much more tragic movie. They also said that there was never any satanic worship or on the property. There's never been any deaths on the property. So i get why you would wanna clarify that if you lived there and you realize especially when people are like let's break in a haunted house com my there's no satanic shit going on your behalf. She wants laid on the law of houses. Just a house with a family and it leaves the fuck. I get If you do want more information like more info on like the true debunked story of bethsheba sherman There is a blog spot page. That has so much information. Someone like really researched back sheba. It is dreaming casually poetry dot blew. Also i love that. I'm like she was from the bible and its like bethsheba. Sherman is that jesus's last name wait a minute. Vp taliban sherman. I didn't know that..

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