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Under the hood with Jonathan Hood right here on ESPN 1000 doing summer of football every night. We'd give you something football. And so we went through some NFL storylines, including Patrick Mahomes get paid. Cancel the chief's quarterback. Congratulations for getting really generational wealth in a big way. They gave him a windfall of cash because of that Super Bowl, and so we'll see how his career continues with the can. City chiefs. Remember, he's always going to tie with Travis Key and Watson. Sucks right now. But that's just the way things go so good for the homes so Clinton. Yates and I were in for a while and Sylvie on Friday, and we got a chance to talk to former Bear Sam Watch Show who is a representative for the NFLPA, and we talked to Sam about a number of issues on DSO. Let's go back in time and hear from Sam Macho. Thanks so much for coming on the show. I'm glad to be on Thank you for having me. Absolutely. So The Redskins topic is something Clint and I have been talking about there is a change that could happen with this name was her feeling on the Redskins name over the years. Yeah, I think I have issue we're seeing now. He saw it from Dan's death sided settlements years ago when he said that guarantee you pull money out of these not going to change the name And even with the press release that was just sent out that said the team's name over 10 now 10 times about 10 times the offensive name that people are talking about. You could tell that Dan Snyder sentiments have not changed. So I think that actually the Native American community Sure they want the names change, but they also want some Some more respect and ability to grow their communities. Outside of just a name change. Is this a thing among players that has any real effect on? I want to say who you choose to play for anything like that. But just in the NFL is very much a next man up kind of situation. You're rushing to get their papers. Stay healthy and get out while they can. But is there any sort of odious flavor or, you know around this, too? Just for guys in the league in terms of like, man, I got to deal with this nonsense again. And you know that you're gonna be thinking about it the whole time you're playing there or you're playing against him. Like where does this rank in terms of things that players actually care about? Well as far as when it comes to signing a contract to play football. I think any player is going to take an opportunity to try and play and trying not only in better their career but also their teams, but also look at the other perspective when it comes to where we are in the world right now, and players using their voices from High school players took college players to pro athletes using their voices for change. I think we're gonna see a huge shift into the public perception of of what the team in Washington is viewed as Sam Macho NFLPA executive committee member, along with Clinton Gates job in Hood on the field, Sam, We see that Cam Newton is now New England patriot and Ah, lot of people have been scratching their heads wondering what took so long for him to sign. What do you your thoughts on? Cam Newton is a player. Why did it take so long for him to eventually signed with a team? Well, there's two reasons one reason people. Often we'll talk about the history of injuries and more form. Anything can play through a kind of injuries that You haven't been reported as widely as Have been reported that they were as bad as they really work. That's one issue. But the second excuse the perception Cam is perceived as a different type of quarterback. Maybe that's because of style or his attitude, maybe some of his race if you want to even go that far in the way he portrays himself. Campesina, different quarterback. So a lot of teams When you bring in camp, he is going to be the star. It seems they're saying, Do I want this guy to be the star of my of my French franchise based on the fact that not only his People would say personality but also The injury history. So it almost like this double that soared of you not going to take a risk on him because if he's been injured in years past, but also it keeps you from having to take a risk because you say way, you know, I don't want that kind of guy. Leading my franchise. Sam. One of the things that obviously has been a huge discussion in the NFL season has been you know the virus in while they've had the luxury of being able to sort of pushback talk about how that's going to affect a lot of things, because the season doesn't start for a certain amount of time while still football and you look across the landscape college football programs. Turned up a guy's testing positive for Kobe left and right, just trying to work out. You know, where is the thought right now in terms of safety overall for players and already super violent sport, just to be able to feel the team trying to make a paycheck. Well, The frustrating part for me is that it seems like everyone's trying to fit football into their schedules. Very little regard for Cody and I say that with caution because there is regard for Colbert were saying we're going to do whatever possible to keep the players safe. But the fact of the matter is What happens if the thing that keeps the players safe is actually not playing? What if that's the answer? I don't think anyone's even gotten to that point the entire conversations about Let's do everything we can put off preventative measures in place. But you just Think about it. Cases are on the rise In a lot of different states that have opened up college campuses that have started sports Many players have gone, Kobe Their studies that show that African Americans and people with a high B m I which 80% of the NFL's after American 80% identifies a hobby of mine. Those people in those categories have a higher Tended to your higher risks to get Kobe and they're also studies that show that Kobe could have long term effects on your overall health. So you take all those statistics. In one day, and you still say we're going to still go out and play to me. That doesn't make a kind of fence. Along those same lines regarding covert 19 Sam. Major League Baseball and the NHL in the MBA have a plan..

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