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Seem like the Tigers head just like let this Jackson pollock painting gathered dust in their in their addict like they they also had a good pitcher who was pitching well and probably would have kept pitching will step blessed. I yeah sure ooh I love. I love that Song Yeah Yeah. I really love that song. I'm skeptical. I know I don't I don't love the concept here I see but I do i. I liked the song a lot and I hope that you'll tell Jesse but I have a question. I love a lot of things about this long. I think it's got a great little. It's got a great tune. I like the how is it d._R._A.. Or E._R._A.. MINUS I think it's minus. It's all right and so I like how it goes the Yarra minus or yes plus. I like the minus plus nil thing in there. I like the the way that amazing ways like is it starts this light great like and movement of the song but it is also a holdover from the previous sentence so like the way that it is like ending the previous sentence while starting this flourish kind of ties the two parts of the song together and there's just a lot of a lot of information in this very short song so the thing that I really like about it. Though is that it perfectly weekly accurately describes exactly what we do in the stat last it is you take a data set sort it by something like e.. R. A. MINUS OR PLUS tease out an interesting tidbit discussed it at length and analyze it. Ah That's what we do. I wouldn't have been able to put it that succinctly without having the restrictions of musical bars or whatever they are and she did it and I just think that's an amazing. My question is did you tell her what we do with the stat whereas like are these your words and she put them music. No I did not read the lyrics. It's very perceptive. Holy Cow Yeah I may have described concept. I mean she listened to the podcast sometimes but definitely did not pick out the words so so yeah good jump Jesse. It's so good <hes> all right so this is a question about Shohei Ohtani it is from Eric who writes imagine you could set up an O._T.. P. Style baseball simulator and have Otani face of tawny a season's worth of times seven hundred plate appearances herself what would Otani's batting line b what would Otani's e._R._A.. K. Percentage etc and this is. I think this is a fun question that we have all not been thinking talking enough about shouldn't we shouldn't it feels like I. I don't feel like I've read this article or her this done yet. It seems like you would who would win Otani or Otani so I just use log five to figure this out so log five is of course a method that Bill James developed to figure out how often a team of one quality would beat a team of another quality if they're winning percentages and later it was adapted to also handle batter pitcher match ups and so the way that I do log five for better pitcher matchups is I I take their strikeout percentages and figure out how often they would strike out and then I take their walk rates and figure out among all the non strike outs since it seems to me that the strikeout comes first and preempts any other outcome how often they would walk and since those preempt any other outcome then figure out the home run rate for all non strike outs and all non walks and and then I figured out the Bab for all non strikeouts walks or home runs and then once I have the number of expected hits I just use the batter's normal breakdown of singles doubles and triples because that doesn't really feel to me like it's it needs to be logged..

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