Linde Jones, Emmanuel Macron, FDA discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Says Infections are up 10% in a week. Some of the five year vaccine is arriving too cold to use noted that the temperature actually got colder than minus 80. Went to minus 92. We locked those trays down. General Gustav Purna of Operation Warp. Speed says it's affected shipments to California and Alabama. The FDA is now reviewing whether the vaccine is compromised. Health care worker in Alaska's hospitalized overnight After an allergic reaction to the vaccine, doctor Linde Jones and Bartlett Hospital in Juneau says she developed a rash, elevated heartbeat and shortness of breath. She's been dosed with epinephrine during the whole time. She was She was still enthusiastic that you got the vaccine. FDA recommends people with serious allergies Hold off on vaccinations for now. This morning, the president of France test positive for coronavirus. Emmanuel Macron had shown initial symptoms of covert 19. He took a real time PCR test, which came back positive. The palace says he will self isolate for seven days but will continue to work quarter lane cop says the prime minister suspect he's been exposed and will isolate as a precaution. After months of inaction. Congress rushes to finalize a $900 billion covert relief bill before Christmas break. Reporter Nancy Cordes says a deal's in sight. It would include another round of stimulus checks also $300 a week in federal unemployment benefits for the next four months. Along with $80 billion for schools and billions more for vaccine distribution. President elect Biden calls it a down payment and promises more aid. Next year. A nor'easter spread snow, sleet and rain along the Eastern Seaboard reporter Andrew Kramer watches the sledding at the Philadelphia Art Museum. You'll always find people here running up the steps like Rocky.

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