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Due to an accident for personalized traffic on demand get the traffic Chicago lap approved by the mortgage experts of team Hochberg just search TRA FFI ex Chicago in the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center will dip into the mid to upper fifties so during these overnight hours we'll see some clouds build by daybreak that'll bring a chance of morning sprinkles though should clear out for partly sunny skies today it'll be breezy wind gusts up to thirty miles an hour a high of seventy eight this afternoon partly cloudy and dry tonight then Wednesday mostly cloudy and breezy thirty percent chance of a shower or storm five seventy five on Wednesday right now there's guys sixty one degrees settle here winds are calm at the moment the barometer steady it's sixty five at the lake front on Vic fallen in the WGN news room ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. our garbage we went to. there till one AM the next day will be on board there's was thirty one fifteen. to remind remind everybody maybe remind myself remind Rick users do an amazing job produce the program tonight the midfielder best yet not throw a touchdown pass before tonight SO three and one quarter of that would qualify as progress we saw some progress granted I could've thrown the first two of them. the one yard touchdown pass little flick shot the three are was even easier thread about three miles an hour. and but I could not a throne the thirty six yard touchdown pass into the corner of the end zone that wasn't thrown perfectly but it worked in Taylor Gabriel made a great catch a hundred and seventy three yards in the first half tonight for Mitch. and you are starting to get a little bit excited hundred and seventy three times to. that would have been three hundred forty six yards you would have felt like all right this is he's he's I I'm not because they made a huge turn but this would have a positive. the visual to thirty one. less than a hundred in the second half that was that was disappointing on the other side now another positive David Montgomery the running back the rookie I always stay thirteen Kerry sixty seven yards five a shot red one for twenty five a beautiful run for twenty five yards frozen in the line of scrimmage plays go no where he created out of nothing that was great to see. end. I don't like the fact that you had nine guys catching passes tonight to have a great week Taylor Gabriel six catches Allen Robinson six catches to recall a couple catches Trey Burke hello a tight end for catches in the Miller caught a ball Dave McCumber cut three each of on women's had a catch for first down at a Jean before he left caught a ball coral Patterson had a catch so that was good and then the defense. Lori about ha ha Clinton Dix is gonna be healthy the bears secondary gonna take a downturn hi Glen this is awesome tonight pick six was all over the field Danny survey that was great cal fuller was great. didn't notice a ton a rogue once bit tonight but that's the guy that you know you feel solid about a clawback was all over the field.

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