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You only to the briefing first broadcast on the twenty. First of August, two thousand eighteen on monocle twenty four. Hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you. Live from studio one here at MacQuarie house in London. I am Mark was heap coming up to die. That liberal party room has confirmed my leadership and Julie's deputy leadership of the liberal party disunity undermines the ability of any government to get its job done. Bolster Alia's prime minister. Malcolm Turnbull has survived a snap leadership challenge, but cute key resignation spring and end to his tenure. We'll also find out why the Chinese People's Liberation Army's taking pause in Russia's military drills and then a bit later on just six show that nearly three quarters of students applications for creative industries women. But when it comes to actually senior positions in the industry drops to one quarter being women, do we give enough credit to women designers and we'll also find out how Germany's Raila Borsa saw discouraging and social behavior outside station. It's all that right here on the briefing with me, Markus hippie. Political crisis brewing for Australia's prime minister Markham Turnball. He's advised a leadership contest earlier, but as we go to air, we aren't sure how many of fiscally except scenes either resigned offer to resign from his stop team Monaco has been Ryland is here with the latest. So Ben last we heard there were only rumors of a leadership spill and now we see this happening. What what exactly is going on while ED's another astonishing period in Australian politics. Basically what has happened is that Malcolm Turnbull the prime minister tried to preempt a challenge to his leadership by calling an early leadership spill. He walked into the party room and said, the there is a vacancy at the top of the liberal party, and that was up for anyone's vote. They voted and Peter Dutton who was the former immigration minister and up until recently the home affairs minister. He what he's had into the ring. He lost the votes were forty eight to thirty five. So look didn't quite backfire on the prime minister, but it certainly didn't go. Well, it's important to note here that Peter Dutton hadn't done any campaigning will virtually no campaigning amongst his colleagues for the leadership of the party. So the fact that he managed to get thirty five votes in favour of a sitting, prime minister is quite an astonishing result there and look, there's every reason to expect that they will be another leadership challenge. Peter Dutton has been doing the rounds on trillion media and he's not being going to any effort whatsoever to hose down that speculation whether that will happen with that will happen tomorrow, whether it will happen next week is anyone's guess, but we can all be fairly certain that it's going to happen before the next election, which is due for next year due to give us a bit of context to what led to this warriors Morgantown when we turned against him, Malcolm Turnbull took over as prime minister from Tony Abbott after Tony Abbott had been a been getting consistently negative opinion polls. Now that was he's mandate for taking over the leader. Ship. Malcolm Turnbull has then intern being getting consistently negative opinion polls. And everyone has been saying for most of my life that politics should not be governed by opinion polls. And yet politics is still governed by opinion polls to the frustration of just about everyone involved. So Turnbull has always been struggling with a mandate to leave, but a mandate to lead rather. But there is another issue at play here, and that is the warring factions from within the liberal party, which of course is the conservative wing of stranding politics. There is these other section inside the party which is sort of unofficially led by Tony Abbott, Tony Abbott being the angry former prime minister who was Alstead from his seat and far too early, at least as far as he and his supporters are concerned, they've always been furious and Malcolm Turnbull who is much more centered in his political leadership style and much more popular amongst the electorate must be said, but the that wing of the party has really been looking for any reason to unseat him and early..

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