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The five right there. <Speech_Male> So yeah, <Speech_Male> that is what is <Speech_Male> trending a <Speech_Male> hopefully. We'll have some <Speech_Male> nicer <Speech_Male> things tomorrow, <Speech_Male> but we do have a <Speech_Male> rate episode for <Speech_Male> You tomorrow. <Speech_Male> The green <Speech_Male> in for that <Speech_Male> I. Mean Total Slap <Speech_Male> Crossover Collab- <Speech_Male> creation blue. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> You <Speech_Male> got to check that one <Silence> out Danell. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Earlier. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> deejay Don <Speech_Male> I was just <Speech_Male> you know I was just helping <Speech_Male> you out? You know <Speech_Male> when whenever miles and <Speech_Male> Dan will give on the trend miles <Speech_Male> just goes off and <Speech_Male> Daniel goes <Speech_Male> Yes, sir, <Speech_Male> that's <Speech_Male> your like my <Speech_Male> nurse in the convalescent <Speech_Male> home. I think <Speech_Male> Mr Gray <Speech_Male> and three C. is <Speech_Male> having one of those. <Speech_Male> Can you just sit down with <Speech_Male> him and agree with everything? <Speech_Male> He said <Speech_Male> and that's what I'm telling. <Speech_Male> You Daniel. I don't <Speech_Male> know if you know. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Back in my <Speech_Male> day, okay, so there's been <Speech_Male> called Five G.. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> WHO now here we go <Speech_Male> now you might hurt a cove <Speech_Male> in nineteen, but I don't know if <Speech_Male> you heard about Kobe Five G.. <Speech_Male> Do <Speech_Male> you like Brazilian music <Speech_Male> Thank you <Speech_Male> so much for <Speech_Male> joining me. Daniel, <Speech_Male> it's always. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> To check US out tomorrow. <Speech_Male> y'All be <Speech_Male> good to each other plea. <Speech_Male> Truly be safe <Speech_Male> out there. The numbers are <Speech_Male> not going down and <Speech_Male> I know these reckless <Speech_Male> politicians <Speech_Male> are opening <Speech_Male> because they are being lobbied <Speech_Male> by business owners <Speech_Male> to do that, so we <Speech_Male> can begin consuming <Speech_Male> again, but <Speech_Male> we are still <Speech_Male> at risk <Speech_Male> and please <Speech_Male> going out there if you're <Speech_Male> healthy, were potentially <Speech_Male> putting many other <Silence> people at risk so. <Speech_Male> You <Speech_Male> Know I. Hopefully. I'm preaching <Speech_Male> to the choir, but <Speech_Male> if look if you got some <Speech_Male> people in your choir <Speech_Male> that you need to preach to please <Speech_Male> preach on <Speech_Male> because <Speech_Male> Amount <Silence> of people taking their foot <Speech_Male> off the gas <Speech_Male> on the let's <Speech_Male> social distance. This <Speech_Male> thing out of existence is <Speech_Male> just not happening all <Speech_Male> right. We'll take care of yourself. Take <Speech_Male> care of each other love yourself. <Speech_Male> Each Other love <Speech_Male> Daniel <SpeakerChange> cells <Speech_Male> honor <Speech_Male> me love miles. <Speech_Male> You kidding me at <Speech_Male> miles of gray on <Speech_Male> playstation network on <Speech_Male> twitter on everything. <Speech_Male> Get at him I <Speech_Male> am I've not been <Speech_Male> on the social media. You <Speech_Male> know truth, be good <Speech_Male> doom! <SpeakerChange> Sterling's <Speech_Male> bad for you is <Speech_Male> bad for you. You know and I'm <Speech_Male> trying to take my well being <Speech_Male> seriously 'cause. <Speech_Male> Get <Speech_Male> stuck. I was talking <Speech_Male> with somebody who felt <Speech_Male> like they were being <Speech_Male> gasoline <Speech_Male> by the amount of <Speech_Male> chaos. They were seeing <Speech_Male> on their social <Speech_Male> media feed, and you're like <Speech_Male> I feel like they're <Speech_Male> trying to get. <Speech_Male> Everybody riled <Speech_Male> up and I'm like in a <Speech_Male> way. It's like feedback <Speech_Male> loop where humans <Speech_Male> we're GONNA post stuff, <Speech_Male> and then it just builds <Speech_Male> and builds and builds. <Speech_Male> That is not a healthy place <Speech_Male> to be and will <Speech_Male> help this. <Speech_Male> You can <Speech_Music_Male> really really <Speech_Music_Male> really <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <hes> <Speech_Music_Male> make the mistake of trying <Speech_Male> to think that <Speech_Male> scrolling <Speech_Music_Male> social media is <Speech_Music_Male> an active informing <Speech_Music_Male> yourself. It is <Speech_Music_Male> absolutely not <Speech_Music_Male> that is not how you're <Speech_Music_Male> doing for. You're just <Speech_Music_Male> seeing what is happening social <Speech_Music_Male> media you can look <Speech_Music_Male> at. The <Speech_Music_Male> journalism you can <Speech_Music_Male> look here on twitter, <Speech_Music_Male> but the doom scroll <Speech_Music_Male> is not how you stay <Speech_Music_Male> in it tight. Burn <Speech_Music_Male> yourself out, and <Music> it's <Speech_Music_Male> not good for. <Speech_Music_Male> Now is not <Speech_Music_Male> the time to. Get Burnt out. <Speech_Music_Male> No <Speech_Music_Male> stay. <Speech_Music_Male> Late Lady <Speech_Music_Male> Lady. Antebellum <Speech_Music_Male> already suing people <Speech_Music_Male> his day, <Speech_Music_Male> they forgot. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> So <Speech_Music_Male> wild. <Speech_Music_Male> I mean we'll get into that <Speech_Music_Male> story. <Speech_Music_Male> Tomorrow Okay <Speech_Music_Male> me! Good <Speech_Music_Male> bye, <SpeakerChange> bye! <Speech_Music_Male>

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