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Don't know too much about baptism i mostly know it from boardwalk empire when when when the does name manny was the fbi guy a great show straight laced fbi guy love that show me kill is a buddy during the baptism oh yeah yeah that holds up walk empire oh my god yeah what what the twenty s or thirty it's timeless yeah i put boardwalk empire up there with the sopranos so it's up there yeah like boardwalk empire here sopranos here neck and neck nobody ever talked about that show when it was on a damn shame phoebe never wanted to watch and i begged her i said you have to watch as she she's like i don't know she doesn't like the date it's either but she ended up loving it i mean it's the same god i don't like period pieces i don't like periods but but i i thought through that and it will say st bouche amee as nutty thompson magnificent michael c johnson whatever his name is omar as chucky or whatever brilliant the casting is amazing this is one of the best shows you'll ever watch on tv all the way it ended to was just it just made the whole show just beautiful o show checking out john will check it out no i'm good i got it i'm and my parents as soon as i get through bob lee swagger and shooter so anyway pastor does show is shut day is baptizing eighty members of his protestant congregation laker by down we accept the word of god whatever and while he's he baptized is the first person okay and then he goes on to the next one and a crocodile jumps out of the lake and grabs him and kills him right there in front of everyone died from injuries on his legs back and hands despite efforts from the congregation fishermen and residents trying to save him how do you explain that one to your kids how do you go there's a god that would let a crocodile eat and kill or kill any a priest who was performing a baptism in the name of god how do.

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