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During this pandemic the leader is concentrating solely on CORONA VIRUS. News and information with the opening of the incredible. Nhs Nightingale Hospital in London. We're giving you a special report from inside on how it was built in record time and what. He will do now from evening. Standard in London. I'm David Malls land. And this is the leader KUNA virus more everybody and welcome to ten of PA with unfortunately joking Ospina Amazing. The United Kingdom is a country that creates heroes out of crises. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways this is where a youtube like Joe wicks can dress spiderman and inspire millions of children to keep fit even when the Conley the homes more side less rash which fitter and stronger and faster and stronger faced with real danger. We keep our sense of humor and protect what's valuable. Our families lives already chess. You know millions at eight PM for two days in a row the UK has thrown open. Its windows stood on. Its front porches. Leaned over its balconies and clapped. The applause was for the doctors. The nurses the emergency workers who form the front line of the UK's fight against Luna virus. Some of who have already given their lives to save others. This country is being invaded by an invisible enemy bringing a risk to life on a scale. We haven't seen generations. This is how we fight back with one of the most incredible feats medical and engineering construction ever undertaken on. These shows an enormous new hospital belt in nine days it is revived to spectacular and almost unbelievable feature of work ever since an example. If everyone was needed of how the impossible could be possible. This is the story of the nineteen this way hospitals in Florence Nightingale's times were When when you when you had challenging times few stalls you needed the nurse it needed to see all the patients Once Evening Standard John Lewis John done has been behind the scenes of the newest. We're up to four thousand. Patients will be careful in. What was the Excel Centre in East London? He says the building doesn't just take its name from the feigned. Lady of the Lampoon tweeted soldiers in the Crimean war. It's very design is inspired by the ideas she had for medical ward layouts on the front line more than one hundred sixty years ago the hospital she worked in where you had this huge awards Which matrons nurses which would patrol You know keeping an eye on all the patients having good lines of sites and the geography of the place has been the logistics of the place of been nailed down no doubt with the help of the military and trying to look at the numbers on the pictures action. It's your bets are off so far Matthew riddle is a photographer who last went to the XL. When it was used for the London Olympics in two thousand twelve when I was walking in as I've been here since the Olympics so now I haven't seen the last eight years ago when the Olympics was on and I was photographed from weightlifting and I. It was kickboxing and various other sports. But yet I mean that again. Under underlines how big the places that they can have all of those various Olympic sports. It's so big. So vast and I so impressive. How open honest and the attention to detail on each bed station. I have a map of where everything has to be in each station throughout for the full thousand beds so that if anybody is a member of staff to move to another station. I know exactly. Everything is down to the syringes. The cotton buds. Whatever it's everything's identical and I thought that attention today to really impressment the rows and rows of beds surrounded by medical equipment with space for ventilator staff move swiftly through the aisles brought in from other hospitals student Nastase doctors who had retired but have now returned to help colleagues facing overwhelming odds that the numbers are scary numbers. But if I tell you that to reward. Including all of our ancillaries ancillary staff who would just as important to us without all cleaners and our admin staff we open we need two hundred members of staff. That's the hospital's Chief Operating Officer Natalie Forrest. There are more than eighty wards that means more than sixteen thousand staff will be needed. The scale is enormous but so is the problem. I think having spoken to the conditions down there Sixty doctor Allen mcclen. He's the medical director that we're expecting intensive care units Across London It's come under severe pressure imminently. John Donne says doctors feel hit that four thousand capacity very soon this hospital. The nightingale went be taking When be taking patients interstitial sense in the people when people taken off the streets of patients there will be people who have been taken to hospital by cops push on ventilator and then the capacity of the traditional hospital is exceeded a nestle people have to be formed out to the nights ago the overspill and none of this existed just nine days ago with the help of the military and with NHTSA clinicians. We will make sure that we have the capacity that we need so that everyone can get the support they need. When Health Sangre Matt Hancock announced the plans was some skepticism? It could be completed so quickly. China had of course done something similar in seven days but that's a different country. Nevertheless contractors were called in to do their duty and owned by Prince Charles during his speech to open the hospital. Something he had to do. Virtually from Buck Hall in Scotland as he recovers from the infection on behalf of the nation I will say very big thank you to the planners the builders the armed forces the generous companies organizations which have donated equipment and services at all the support staff who have made this possible to convert one of the largest national conference centers into field hospital starting with five hundred beds and the with a potential. Full thousand is quite frankly incredible. Now it's over to the medical staff. Dr Alan McLennan is the nightingales medical director so they will come to US already on a ventilator transferred in here and we will take care of them until the There is finished on. We can put into a step down facility now. That is the model at the moment. I didn't take two hundred clinicians ten days to make sure to be gone. Pretty detailed motive for this disease so we can If when when the disease burden changes for London? We can relocate immortal because his facility is flexible. She can see but we'd have to do that in a note of money. This quiet long walk from the entrance to the actual ward so going down in effect like a shopping mall really because there's restaurants either side but closed obviously and there was all me and trades people and people being trained and I just star builders plasters join. Us technicians electrician's Matthew. It'll says with some work on the building still going on. It's going to be an unusual working space for doctors man patients at least in the first few days but he says he knows. Pass me that all of the medical staff fighting. This disease have a dedication and the determination did should inspire us all my brother-in-law my sister-in-law of both frontline workers in Huddersfield and I wrote to them last night on WHATSAPP group. That we've got just said guys. How are you 'cause I've just been tonight on? It's kind of a mighty real to me. Jamie came back. She's a matron skirt team thirty five. Who normally looks after premed and last week? She was hope now. You're an ICU. Unit now and she said we feel lampson. Slow too you know. We're we're being just put front and it was being yesterday. I think that made me realize. Yeah wow what these people are doing for us to protect us is out outstanding and they should be applauded from the hill and that Salita Kaduna virus daily. We'll have more special reports along with news analysis and commentary every weekday at four. Pm has this virus pandemic continues. Please do subscribe through your podcast provider to make sure you don't miss out..

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