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Because again, it's, it's it's, you know, not stuff that you're gonna find on Netflix or Amazon or whatever you have to still actually dig define some of this stuff. So when I did. Have PolyGram going on. I did actually screen a couple of Eric's films. One was rat line, which I am a big fan of that movie and rat line ice cream that actually the second year polygon in twenty eleven. And then later in twenty thirteen it was actually when he was ramping up to do in memory of he. It was the tenure anniversary of one of his earlier movies, China, white serpentine, and I didn't actual- special underrated Jim showcase tenure anniversary of China. Wait serpentine and so, yeah, I'm a just a big fan of his. And so this one hits been no sense at least like you said, twenty thirteen. He was ramping up to to make it in. I think he actually shot it in twenty fifteen. So I mean, this has been a long time come in this movie. And so whenever I saw. Coming out on Blu Ray. I was like, yes, let's let's do a show on this. So I am totally totally pumped about this because like I said, I feel like that the air is I actually said this before row one time when I was doing a radio show about the Ryan promoting it. I think it was back when I did the show Renton line the festival. I said that he was one of the kings of underground and I totally feel that way. I mean he, he's a film, get underground movies for, I think the twenty five years now. And that's what he does. I mean, it's totally just he does these total passion projects that are whatever the hell he wants to do with when he does like to push boundaries and really just kind of, I think he likes the kind of fuck with people's heads of bit. I would say that's probably an accurate. So yeah, this, this one is very much in line with a lot of his, especially his, his more recent movies of especially rat line. I see this one is a good trilogy to watch with rat line and with deadwood park, which came right before rat line, but it's very similar also to his early movies ice from the sun as well. So a good introduction for people that don't know who he is in the people that do know who air is. This is a good just like extension of kind of you can see the progress of where he's going as filmmakers. Well, because this is a very, like grand kinda epic film for how small budget is. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I would say it's a for the obviously small budgets very ambitious movie. You know, it kind of has a lot going on in a and it takes a lot of chances and all that kind of stuff. And I imagined that is kind of thread that goes through a lot of, you know, filmmakers that you would call underground filmmakers is that they take a lot of chances and trial out of different kind of interesting and weird things along the way. Right, right. So, yeah, I mean, we go in German puzzle pieces. There's. Just kind of talk about along the way, but I'm sure they'll come up as we go. So yeah, why don't we let you ahead since I'm sure you'll probably end up with more puzzle pieces of me on this one, but I want to hear your first one. Let's let's go with it. Okay. So actually the the three or four as was washing, the kind of kept coming into my mind. And so the more I thought about it though, I think that this was the most. The most dominant one. And for me that was easy rider. Which he's writer is a movie that -absolutely love as one of my favorite movies. And I felt very much in many ways that this one that there were some inspiration there. To give a couple smog samples, but one. Not just the whole road trip aspect of it with the epic scenery. But specifically there's a three sixty degrees flow spinning camera seen.

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