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I thought he had a good match against jacksonville. But you know he didn't do that good. Abc didn't do that. Good i might have to start streaming defenses. The way the giants defense playing. But we'll have to see so yeah down by thirty in that league. I don't really have a ton of confidence. They'll be able to come back. But i do have an eighteen percent chance of winning. So that's definitely you know. I definitely have a shot. But we'll see what happens so now let's go to the redraft league and right now. I have a ninety nine percent chance of winning. So i was down big in this league. I was down by as much as i think about. Like forty fifty points. But i came roaring back the books. Getting two defensive touchdowns greg's airline had a really good game against the chargers matt ryan and really connected for a touchdown matt ryan did okay And fantasy this week. Martin cooper really didn't do anything But my running backs damien harrison christian. Mccaffrey both did well. And my biggest performer. I have to say is lamar jackson. Lamar jackson really came clutch for me in this matchup and it didn't get off to a good start because he had that pick six. And i was really aggravated. And i'm saying man. You know if i don't if lamar doesn't do that good in this game i'm not i'm not gonna do anything i'm probably gonna lose. And lamar came a big. I went from being down by about three to start the sunday night game or tied pretty much to being up by twenty one points now going into monday night and my friend does aaron rodgers. The from the talking about that. I'm playing in dynasty. Where i have aaron rodgers and so so he is aaron rodgers but i have still left to play. T. hawke nsen. Andy andrea swift and last week against a really good defense. Tj hodkinson at twenty one point seven and swift head twenty point four. They both had touchdowns. I feel confident that i can win. This matchup i really do because you know what these are. The top two weapons for the lions. And if you have these guys. I think they're going to do very well in this match up against the packers. I really believe that because listen like you look at how the saints played against the panthers. They were terrible. That just goes to show. How bad the packers defense was. Winston did not pass for one hundred fifty one hundred forty eight barely missed it. Okay and he. He had five touchdowns in the game. But that's because of how bad the packers were in the game. Packers defense can stop anything. Their offense put them in. you know. Put the saints in great position to do whatever they wanted score touchdowns you know. The the packers defense is not good ends. Area smith is it was placed on i are arguably their best pass rusher and their defense is just not good so i think hopkinson and swift. They are going to have good games here. Okay and i was fortunate enough because my friend had edwards alaron andrews in the sunday night game and they did nothing they combined for. You know about barely under eleven points so that was big. Lamar was huge. Came big was clutch in the performance against the chiefs. And he put me up. Twenty one and rogers has to match that so he roger's gonna have to get about thirty about thirty plus if my friend is going to win this match up and swift and hodkinson are gonna have to combine for what andrew and edward solaire did. But i don't think. I don't think so because you know what when you look at the ravens offense and the chiefs offense and you compare them to the lions will. Mark andrews is the top target. But i don't think. Mark andrews is as consistent as the big three like waller and kelsey and kittles. Been okay to start the year And edwards hilar- is just not even close to what swift is swift is definitely better than edward solaire. I know it's been two games. But at but swift definitely has proven that he's better and i think that these two guys are the main weapons on the lions. When you'll get edward to he you know the chiefs were. They love to throw the football. What are the ravens. Love to run the football. Okay so you know. Edwards layer could work on the ravens. You know because the ravens love to run the football. But you know he's on the chiefs and they don't run it as much they throw it. And also daryl williams got a rushing touchdown germ-killing on involved in the offense. Edward soleil really didn't do anything against the ravens. Any fumbled so at solaire might not be running back for much longer and also mark andrews the ravens. They were running the ball ton and he really didn't do anything in the game. Either so hopkinson. I expect him to be a top target. For jared goff again had a great game against forty niners like i mentioned was targeted. Eleven times had ninety seven yards receiving against the forty niners. In the edit touchdown. i think he's gonna do. Well i think he's gonna score touchdown in the game against the packers and then i think swift who you look at his stats from the game. Against the forty niners had thirty nine rush yards. But in the receiving sixty five yards receiving and a touchdown. I think both of these guys they score touchdowns in this game against the packers because of how heavily involved they are in the offense and also not to mention title. Williams is not. I don't think he's playing this game. So it's going to open up the door for more opportunities for this guy for both of these guys. Sorry to produce for this detroit offense. So i think i'm in good shape when it comes to this week. I think i'm going to win. It's going to be very close. Because i think rogers is definitely gonna bounce back after that ugly performance last week against the saints. But he's going to have to get he's going to have to get thirty plus points if he's gonna win and he's got a hope that swift and hopkinson don't do anything right now. I have a ninety nine percent chance of winning and that makes me really happy. What really is going to set the tone. I think for this match up for the game tomorrow is it depends on who gets the ball because i think that the line start off with the ball and they have this amazing drive and swift and hodkinson are heavily involved and one of them scores on that drive. I think that sets the tone for the rest of the game. I think that rodgers will have a good game. But i think that ultimately win the match up however if it goes the other way green bay gets the ball to start and rogers goes right down the field scores a touchdown and he has like you know seven eight points on that drive. I'm going to be a little nervous. I'm going to be a little nervous. But i think really what i'm positive about is the fact that green bay's defense is gonna give up points and i think that as long as you know golf doesn't turn the ball over and hopkinson isn't being guarded by dr alexander which i don't think it's really gonna happen. I think he's going to go on one of the receivers and you know the packers. Don't run the packers. Can't stop the run either so that definitely helps out swift a lot. Jamal williams is definitely going to be involved in the offense to because i think those are the three best weapons hodkinson williamson swift..

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