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I'm korva coleman. There appears to be calm in the streets of afghanistan's capital kabul but there's chaos at the airport as thousands of afghans trying to flee. Flights have been temporarily suspended because people are flooding onto runways. Npr's michele keleman has more the us military controls the perimeter around the airport in kabul and the state department says it managed to get all us embassy personnel safely to the airport. A core group of diplomats will remain there to help american citizens and afghan who worked with the us military one official who has not to be named says. There are fewer than one hundred embassy. Staffers left from what used to be. One of america's largest diplomatic missions. Hundreds of others were evacuated. Dramatic videos are circulating on social media of afghans running alongside. Us military aircraft to try to get out. It was awful. That official says france. Germany and other allies are also evacuating embassy. Personnel michelle kellerman. Npr news washington the head of the afghan women's skills development center. Moolah suraj tells the bbc that with the taliban takeover of afghanistan the lives of afghan women and girls are most at risk. I cannot tell you how angry i am when it comes to the international effort and the way we would we would drop like hot potato. Do you know that the whole lot of these things that are happening in the provinces are being handed to the taliban and all of these things they have been a deal that was made between united states and the taliban do you know how many lives of the of the afghans and how many lives of the soldiers of this country and the taliban have been wasted because of this the former trump administration made a deal last year with the taliban to withdraw. Us troops from afghanistan that did not include the afghan government. The biden administration then set a deadline for troop withdrawal of september eleventh. The centers for disease control and prevention says the number of new cove nineteen cases is rising sharply today. New york city's vaccine mandate goes into effect. Npr's jasmine guards reports from new york the mandate comes in response to rising cuvette cases and concerns about the delta variant. Patrons will have to show either their excelsior pass. That's an app that shows vaccination status their cdc card. Some establishments are pushing back saying. They refuse to police their clientele. The government has said businesses that don't comply risk being fined. Several cities and institutions across the country have followed in. New york's footsteps starting august twentieth. San francisco will bar unvaccinated people from many indoor activities and the supreme court has allowed indiana university to require that students be vaccinated jasmine guard. Npr news new york. You're listening to npr news from washington. Thousands of firefighters continue to work in northern california to surround the dixie fire. It is burn nearly nine hundred square miles. California fire officials say it is less than one third contained that's put thousands more homes in danger and fire officials are warning. New fires could erupt given extreme heat and unstable weather. The national interagency fire center says there are ninety. seven large. fires or complex is burning mostly in the west. The state's dealing with the largest number of wildfires are idaho and montana separately in utah. Thousands of people were told evacuate to escape a wildfire near salt lake city for member station k. u. e. r. Sonia hudson has more. The fire started on the side of a freeway outside salt lake city of saturday afternoon. It spread rapidly up a hill towards several communities. Fire officials quickly called in airplanes helicopters in hand crews from multiple states to battle the blaze. By saturday night they say fire activity had become minimum. And it stayed that way. Throughout the day on sunday state officials did keep nearby reservoir closed on sunday so that helicopters could get water from it to fight the fire for npr news. I'm sonia hudson recovery efforts continue in haiti an earthquake with a seven point. Two magnitude hit on saturday killing about thirteen hundred people now. A tropical depression is supposed to sweep through the same region later today separately. The national hurricane center says tropical storm. Fred is going to make landfall on the florida panhandle late this afternoon on korva coleman. Npr news from washington..

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