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My co presenter and she said how kids came home from school one day and they said oh john is now with daniel. Joe At he's not gave lessons we'd have to call it. Something just is what it is. And she was like whoa. You know how we'd come. It's just an accepted everyday thing within certain areas in the uk which were very lucky to have is not like that across the world and we still see some horrible stories and so horrible things happening in the news but let's put into perspective then so how what decade. We're talking when you were at school. So i was at school. Two thousand nine all right so quite reysen really. Oh you're young thing on call that recent no not just ten thirty. I feel old now part of my body doing things. They never used city before darpa. So let's talk parents then so you obviously came out. You were camp at school and people knew the were at school was thera apparent moment that you thought right time to tell the folks i two parent moments said. My parents divorced. When i was ted which also leads me doing a lot more things online and because it was just the most convenient thing and speaking to people online bet my coming out moments and i told my mom at like fifteen and she said okay. I heard you heard you. It might be a stage because you don hair anymore. By i've heard you. I told her get at sixteen and she was like okay. Might still be a stage. Because your dad doesn't hear the hours then. i told her eighteen. She was definitely guy. I think she was. She was worried that this is a very interesting conversation to be had not speaking to look at the science behind it that if a male theta leaves at some point in your development does that make you more inclined to seek love from the male figures. And you know she'd obviously read something will Something where that was an identifier and that could be the case. Obviously she was extremely supportive. in has been in the sense and she's great i would say you are the ball gail straight and it's just the college dealt with two bonus i don't there's plenty of people that are guy in lovely supportive families lot my own..

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