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Means that the the players trust that you have their best interests are right. Well what better way to convince them and they get that trust then to do individual skill work and work with them to improve that you know what I mean, like young versus making them run to being this tough guy who was like, oh they're going to love me like when they come back ten years from now. It's like well listen, I want them to understand what they're doing now. So we buy in completely, you know today and tomorrow off. So I think that's another option of this notion of like let's do the individual skills more is that you're going to develop that trust a lot quicker. I always took pride in the fact that whenever we would coach, you know, we always had good players and then we have a guy that would trip over the Baseline when he walked in the gym right couldn't even catch. Right and for somebody he had he had something, you know, maybe it was heart, you know, he would run a little bit harder than everybody else. He seemed more eager we all Put a guy like that the team whenever level freshman through through varsity and we'll start with a freshman team and I swear to God Europe patient tutelage. He all of a sudden become like one of the best players the next guy wage next year come in and he's like, oh I missed here. I love basketball, but I'm never going to see him and he'd have it and I pulled him aside and the trial say you see that guy there there's like, yeah like that was you he was you a year ago and I and he could not believe it and then sure enough we would get that going every year and now I took no greater Pride than to know we could find those guys and really teach them and have them be part of that system. It was really really gratifying off the name of the game, right? It's called practice you're going to practice you're not going there to just you know drill yourself into the ground with with Sprint's we there's something I think about, you know, we never no never taught me how to do it euro-step or I mean, we probably did learn how to do a step back at some point floater. We never practice those. We never practiced any of these, you know counters or you know, individual workouts like you're saying so if you were coaching a team right now in your you know High School coach woke Nick and twenty Twenty-One, you know going for the section title. You're you're spending your practices doing how what percent of individual workouts. I mean at least fifty percent at least home. Now, we'd also be breaking out into smaller smaller line drills for our offense. Like I'd run the pistol offense probably which is basically, you know, dribble handoff into a pick-and-roll or a pin down and dribble handoff and we would just break that into like two or three or four parts 303 line 3 line drills for line drills, no defense and they could defense on it. And so even doing that part which is building the offense is also individual drills. Mm. I would be showing them all the things..

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