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I think I think again, it's not particularly surprising that that women are attracted at some in the minority of course to populist nationalist movements. This is a consistent over time. What we have to be careful about though is differentiating women's political engagement from feminist political engagement. Women have always been involved in politics across the spectrum, and but we assume that win. Women are volved in politics. They must have some kind of feminist agenda or are motivated by a feminist. You know, a feminist agenda in that, of course, is not the case. When you look at the leadership of these far right movements, melting, the pen and so forth. You see that these these populist movements can often put women at at the head us women as figureheads. It's symbolic leaders as well as a titular leaders. And, and this gives this false impression that what these women are doing is kind of fulfilling some kind of a feminist agenda. And that's not the case. Women can be active in politics without being concerned with the rest of women does. Did you think this awareness in any way helps us to understand the far rice better or even to, you know, if if if you consider it a problem to to treat us. Absolutely. And if you look at, you know, let's not forget in the other dimension. And that's women and anti-fascist politics. Women are too often the victims of fascist aggression, fascist violence outlets. Let's think of some very recent examples in our own history at Charlottesville the the murder of Joe Cox 'em pay. I mean, these are are very important. Symbolic. An intangible examples of the aggression that is unleashed on women within the far right. So we shouldn't. You know, there's often women are used by the far right to provide this kind of near of decency to the movement. But in fact, when when push comes to shove, women are too often the victims tangibly symbolically of of far-right aggression of this angry white men culture. Yeah. Is it a hostile church, you think for the women who join us? We often think of a far I polish six as being quite conservative and progressive and old fashioned, but let me clearly it's it's as modern as any type of politics because it exists today, but are are women treatises on. Fairly within it. Well, it really depends on movement to movement and often as we've seen women are embraced by these movements because they are, you know, they provide a really important kind of electoral poll for for other women and for men as well. I mean, if you look back at the movement that I studied the British union of fascists which emerged in nineteen thirty, two in Britain was active until the second World War had a very complicated relationship with women, and and it often Oswald Moseley and his cohort looked at women as as as kind of as kind of temptresses for the movement that they brought men into the movement. And you know an end, the women in the movement were diverse law as well. A surprisingly shockingly, in the case of of the British union fascists three of the leading members of of the women's section had been former Suffragettes, so that's totally counter intuitive. But here these women kind of saw the. Fulfillment of their militancy at from suffrage days in the fascist politics at the nineteen thirties. Okay. Dr. Julie gauntlet fascinating insights at the university of Sheffield. Thank you very much joining us. You are listening to the globalist stay with us. UBS has one nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different countries over a million hundred of the shop is mines and freshest thinkers in the world of finance today. No one does. Could help you contact us at UBS dot com. The time is fifteen minutes past seven here in London..

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